Beat Eats: There’s some wacky experimental food going around, but we’ve picked some surefire treats

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Beat Eats: There’s some wacky experimental food going around, but we’ve picked some surefire treats


There are certainly some ambitious meals bombarding Melbourne’s food scene lately, like sushi pizzas, sushi burgers, beef pancakes and more. It’s true that some are straight up culinary crimes that can’t quite be forgiven, but some are admittedly alright. Okay, you’ve got me, some are pretty damn good. So instead of throwing shade on food combinations gone wrong, let’s chat about those that went right.



If you’re as unfamiliar with American holidays as I am, you would’ve also missed Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. There are only a few venues here in Melbourne that celebrate the spectacular occasion, and California Burgers on Chapel Street Windsor is one of them. The burger joint even created a dedicated burger for the celebration, ‘The Malibu Burger’, which brings together all the delicious thanksgiving flavours – smashed turkey meat patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and pink mayo – in their soft, buttery buns. Who says burgers are just for beef?


Now for the original sin: pineapple on pizza. Although on this occasion, I’m happy to push tradition aside. And at Lazerpig – Collingwood’s headquarters for drink and pizza – they thankfully nail the sweet and savoury combo with their ‘Tropical Melbourne’. The pizza is a garlic base layered with ham off the bone, caramelised pineapple and rosemary & thyme salt with smoked scarmozza. Their other 12 pizzas can’t go unmentioned either.


Lastly, who doesn’t want to cover a perfectly sizzled, exceptional quality porterhouse steak in good-old Heinz tomato sauce? Some say sin; Australians say imperative. An optimal eatery to commit such a sin is Empire Steaks in the CBD, who offer classic steak sandwiches in a number of ways; with salad, jalapeños, slaw or fries. My top pick would be ‘The Opener’ with simple caramelised onion and of course, tomato sauce.