The best affordable meals in Melbourne

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The best affordable meals in Melbourne

The best affordable meals in Melbourne

Who would blame you really, a beer on the beach and dessert with every meal is a lavish way to live for a short while – and that’s OK. So this week, I’m here to share those budget-friendly eateries to help grow those savings again.

When I was first brought to Foresters Hall, not only was I blessed with arguably the best air-con I’ve experienced on the north, but I was also shocked that such a striking venue was hidden from me for so long. Their modest shop front on the corner of Gertrude and Smith Street is a fine spot to dine at any hour. Although if you hold off until 4pm, you’re eligible for their crazy parma offer for just $5. Now I’m sure we can all gather some change for that. Plus, the deal includes eggplant parmas too (which I actually prefer).

I’m sure I’m not the first to share Bimbo Deluxe’s $4 pizza phenomenon. If you’re a Melbourne resident or have at all been short on cash I’m confident you’ve had a slice. The deal starts at 4pm, and there’s plenty to choose from. You will often catch me with a Verdure – covered in Napoli, roast eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, feta and garlic oil.

Shanghai Village is another Melbourne classic that can’t escape a mention. Their plates of 15 dumplings for under $10 will not only feed a crowd, but are certified to provide a little bit of traditional flare and will keep you’re night buzzing. I’ll admit, their menu is a bit overwhelming spanning across multiple pages with abundances of closely related offerings, although I’d suggest simply going for the first dishes that call to you. I’m yet to be disappointed by a single one.