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Basement Discs

Basement Discs

What sets your store apart from other record stores? I think it’s all in the atmosphere, the stock, the staff, the service and the good vibes that we offer.

What can people expect if they visit you on Record Store Day? There will be lots of new stock on racks and RSD limited releases, as well as a full day of live music, giveaways and seriously good vibes. It’ll be a total “feel good” day!

What do you love about vinyl records? That they are bringing more people back into real record stores. I think the look, sound and beauty of vinyl is encouraging a whole lot of folk to truly engage with music again.

What’s the first record you remember purchasing? Nina Simone’s Here Comes The Sun. It’s still an all-time fave.

Tell us a highlight of your past Record Store Day events. The past ten have all been great, in particular having both Billy Bragg and Joe Henry as part of our live music lineup last year was pretty damn special.

What do you love most about Record Store Day? Getting to see so many smiling faces in our store.