Ball Park Music : Good Mood

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Ball Park Music : Good Mood


When lead single ‘Exactly How You Are’ dropped, it was clear that they were ready to get back to their best. That song may be the best song on the album, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t highlights to be found. The relatably titled ‘The Perfect Life Does Not Exist’ is instantly familiar, while opener ‘The End Times’ mixes in new sonic elements for the band with the unique and fantastic lyrics you’ve come to expect from frontman Sam Cromack.

Admittedly the tail end of the album isn’t as strong as the start. Overall this album manages to see the band expand their sonic palette while still producing songs that are catchy, something that they didn’t find as easy on Every Night the Same Dream

Good Mood showcases a band that are, while five records in, still evolving and exploring new frontiers. And it makes for an exciting journey for fans.