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About the store


Tell us about your store. Back2bikes is a not for profit bike workshop, helping those in need of bikes, and selling cheap refurb bikes to the public. We help local schools and other charities, and have a strong cohort of volunteers.


What’s the best bike track in Melbourne. The Evans St bike track in Port Melbourne, because it’s only 200m from our workshop – (which must be the largest bike workshop in Melbourne), and it connects us to both the city and the beach. What else is there?


Describe a typical Back2Bikes customer and what they are seeking. Our customers are looking for a good quality bike at a good price. They are happy to buy from us, because they know it’s also helping the local community and the charities we help.


The most underrated bike is…Every bike has its place, and everyone should have bikes for every occasion, like having a complete wardrobe.


We should all be riding more because…Everything about riding is good for you, both mental and physical health benefits, it’s now officially the fastest way to get around the inner city, and it’s also fun. Come and join us and extend the bike fun.


About the bikes


Tell us about this bike. Build a unique bike. We have a selection of quality steel road bike frames powder coated in high tech finishes. They come in various colours and sizes.  It will take 700c wheels, and whatever group set you like. Drop bars or flat bars, you choose.


If you could name the bike yourself, what would you name it and why? Midnight Special, this one is purple from one direction, and blue from another.


What’s the best features of the bike? It can be anything you want. We can provide secondhand wheels and a group set, or you can supply them, Bling it up as you like.  Email [email protected] to start the design process.


Fun fact about the bike. It can be a head turner if you want it to be, or it can be a quiet achiever.


Best location to ride this bike. Beach road of course, or it would be equally at home on the boulevard or in the mountains.