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Tues – Sat: 7:30pm
– Fri: 11am
Sun (16 July Only):

We need a break. A rest. Rest and recreation. Let’s get away.

Shakespearean in structure, but deeply personal in tone, Michael Gow’s Away is a uniquely Australian look at small families… and their epic stories. In the Summer of 1967, as the Vietnam War rages, we join three separate suburban families as they pack-up their prawns and head for the Gold Coast. All there to celebrate Christmas in their own special way until a magical tempest enmeshes them and they fall apart, fall together, and fall in love.

A true masterpiece of Australian writing, Away explores how Aussies, while living in a tropical paradise, endure all storms with love, laughter, and determination. Brought to you by the team behind Theatre Works’ 2022 hit MEDEA: Out of the Mouths of Babes and with award-winning Director Steven Mitchell Wright at the helm, this reimagined production of a much-lauded Australian classic promises to be a highlight of 2023 Victorian Arts Calendar.

One of Australia’s longest-running independent theatres, Theatre Works is constantly reinvigorating and reimagining the sector by providing a hotbed for artist and audience development. Away is playing as a part of the 2023 “By Theatre Works” programming stream. Other works produced in-house as part of this stream include Pear-Shaped by Miranda Middleton and Ziggy Resnick, MOTH by Declan Greene, and In the Club by Patricia Cornelius.