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Indeed, captivated by the sounds of psy and trance from an early age, the youngster felt it had the right dose of elements that appealed to him: “it was the power of the bass and the emotion of the uplifting melodies. I am a very emotional guy and I find techno a bit too cold for my personal nature. I do love to be influenced by it, but for me, trance is a story telling kind of music and that’s the kind of soundtrack that I prefer to produce at the studio for my fans. Trance music has evolved a lot since the early Goa days but in a way, I try to keep that spirit in all my tracks as it represents a soundscape that I never get tired of and would like to keep inside, all my music while enhancing my technical skills and production values all the time.”

For the lad, a move from Georgia in the former USSR to Israel was a family decision made when he was very young. But all for good reason, because he suggests that at the moment, the local trance scene in Israel is booming. “There are some of the best party vibes I have ever experienced here – even when comparing to other hot spots around the world,” he describes. “There is a new generation of partygoer and crowd here which is very pure, and when they return the love to you while playing there, it’s elevating and overwhelming. I am very happy that our home base of Israel has been growing in such a fine manner, as it is the source of our power!”

In the studio too, Avi has remixed some tracks for Juno Reactor, Sub6, Easy Riders & Symbolic; he has also collaborated with other local legends Infected Mushroom – the track titled Astrix on Mushrooms will be out on their upcoming Infected Mushroom & Friends EP in January 2013. “I also released the opening track on Ace Ventura & Rocky (aka Easy Riders) compilation New Order 3 as well as two digital EPs and a few free download mixes of my Trance for Nations sessions. Also in the oven is a special two-track project together with the mighty D-Nox!” Keeping busy in the studio it seems is all part of the arrangement.

Finally, he describes how he is returning to Australia for what will be his fifth visit. “It’s a magical country Australia! I do love coming over there and experiencing that “other side of the world” vibe; it’s really far from Israel and I always develop expectations along the long journey there but I am happy to report that so far each visit has been rewarding and fulfilling and my gut feeling tells me this coming New Year’s Day party will be a gig to remember, so I would like to thank Spiro and Peter for their ongoing support and professional vision. Keep it real!”

And expect with that, the man’s set will be built entirely from his own edits, productions and remixes. “My sets are 100 per cent my own music,” he professes with pride. “That includes remixes and collaborations as well as can be expected. I start more progressive and build up to full-on mania, depending on the length of my set. I am very happy with the journey that I present but I wouldn’t say that I mix too many genres as I feel that it’s all about trance in events where I play, from deep and progressive to full on and psychedelic; but you wouldn’t catch me playing a commercial club anthem or a monotonic techno prison – trance music is the soundtrack of my life!”