Art Retreat

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Art Retreat

When humans lived in small tribal communities artistic expression was a large part of life. With the advent of greater materialism, people have increasingly gotten more disconnected from their creativity. With the average person more depleted than vitalised by their jobs it has become easier to be a receptacle consuming other people’s creative work than engaging in one’s own.

Creative expression can reveal their vocations or it can be enjoyed as a core element of a rich life. It can also be a tool that helps you with self-understanding and bypasses the conscious mind which has become overly cherished and hyper stimulated. This art retreat can assist with each of these aspects.

This two day program explores your relationship with creativity.

Choose from a range of activities including art therapy exercises, journaling, drawing, storytelling, life writing, drawing and sacred geometry.

You’re also welcome to use the space to undertake your own craft or art projects.