Anh Do is bringing The Happiest Refugee to Melbourne in August

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Anh Do is bringing The Happiest Refugee to Melbourne in August

Anh Do tour
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See Anh Do's smash hit show The Happiest Refugee live at the Athenaeum Theatre in August.

Anh Do’s best-selling book The Happiest Refugee has made readers laugh and cry, and was described by Russell Crowe as “the most surprising and inspiring read I have had in years.”

Anh’s stage show takes it a step further, combining stand-up comedy with real-life stories, photos and filmed pieces to retell his amazing story. When one of Australia’s most talented comedians delves deep into his own life’s joys and sorrows, the result is an unforgettable night at the theatre that leaves an audience uplifted and quite simply experiencing…happiness.

Anh Do’s The Happiest Refugee

  • Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne
  • Tuesday August 20

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Born in Vietnam, Do’s family fled the country by boat when he was a child, a journey that would later inspire much of his work. He has a unique ability to blend humour with poignant reflections on his immigrant experience, making him a beloved figure in Australian entertainment.

Do’s comedic journey began in the late 90s, gaining recognition through stand-up comedy and TV appearances. His breakthrough came with the award-winning autobiography The Happiest Refugee, which chronicled his family’s escape from war-torn Vietnam to Australia. This book not only showcased his talent for humour but also highlighted his resilience and optimism in the face of adversity.

Beyond comedy, Do is also an accomplished artist, author, and television presenter. His versatility and genuine charisma have endeared him to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Whether he’s performing stand-up, hosting a TV show, or painting portraits, Anh Do continues to captivate audiences with his warmth, humour, and insight into the human experience.

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