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All of that said though, Angelo seems a little despondent about his surroundings, hoping perhaps that Italy could one day hold its place in the hearts and minds of fans and producers alike – as it once did, especially as it did in heyday of the Italo-disco scene.

“To be honest, it’s really a little bit sad to say that at the moment – the Italian scene is not so great for techno. It was one of the best scenes some years ago, but recently people have been moving in more commercial movements. I hope it is just a phase and that it will change again sometime soon.”

Studio wise, the man that delivered the Hypnotic and Wayfarer EPs in recent times won’t be drawn too much on what he has planned, other than to say that he has plenty in store – and that there isn’t too much more to give away! “Don’t worry, there are going to be many surprises; this coming year will probably be my best year since the beginning, in terms of my productions,” he says. “I am producing some of the best techno I ever have; techno is the way I would define myself. In fact, I would say I cannot define myself in any other way!”

That said, Angelo is inspired and motivated by many things. Musically, the renaissance being felt in techno right now can’t hurt – but he is also engaged by much of what surrounds him. “Everything I do comes to me by some form of instinct. When I produce a track, I sit in front of my computer and basically whatever has to happen, happens!

There is usually something in my mind that guides me to do what I want to – it isn’t always completely easy but I know what I have to do!”

Musically, his sets are diverse but he admits that he is feeling the darker, more sinister sounds of the genre at present. “My performances are based on the dark concept at the moment,” he describes. “I try to introduce that vibe during my sets as well as some older, more famous tracks. I find it funny how the ‘techno people’ and the ‘not so techno’ people like it – but the end result is that people are still loving techno, which in my opinion is a good thing.”

And rightly so, because the chap has been involved in music since he was knee high to a grasshopper – and it’s something he’s never grown tired of. There is nothing else he’d rather be doing and claims music is his reason for being – his very raison d’être. “It is a part of my life and will be forever,” he professes proudly. “I can’t imagine myself doing anything other that what I’m doing right now. Basically, I can’t stop listening to music anyway – sure, I like to do the things that all other people like to do as well – but I’m always listening to music!”

Finally, Angelo shares his excitement for getting back to Australia for what will be his third visit. “I had my first tour two years ago and I was there last August. I’m always satisfied about the parties that happen there. So I have to say, I’m really looking forward to my tour this year as well!”