An Echo of Presence & Connection

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An Echo of Presence & Connection

As an artist, I have been contemplating the intricate processes of how memories are created, how fragments collide, how moments are recalled and how truth is intertwined with perception. Over time, I find myself assigning purpose to these moments, finding significance in their patterns, with the past resurfacing in the present. This has formed a lens through which I make sense of existence, providing comfort, understanding, and identity.
Grounded in the memory of my father teaching me how to ride a bicycle, ‘An Echo of Presence and Connection’ explores the auditory embodiment of memory, comprising five chapters that mirror the stages of memory: encoding, storage, recall, retrieval, and forgetting.

I’m thrilled to present ‘An Echo of Presence and Connection’, an installation comprising projections and a soundscape, on Thursday 11 July from 6-10pm, at Lupine Studio, 338 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North.

Special thanks to Emily at Lupine Studio and Zoe @zoemilahdejesus

Supported by @stompinggroundbeer @blackheartswine

I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of the land on which I live and work. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.