Amateur Hour Episode Recap: Dear Unimaginables feat. Pikelet

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Amateur Hour Episode Recap: Dear Unimaginables feat. Pikelet


She doesn’t even rate her own interview style very much, which is a shame, given she spends lots of Amateur Hour’s running time, uh, well, interviewing people.

Although she’s not so cruel to herself that she can’t admit that she does occasionally get it right, as in the case of the televised chat she had with musician Pikelet in one of Amateur Hour’s best moments. “I love that interview,” Imbruglia says. “It strikes the right balance of relaxed, informative and amusing – which I often struggle to achieve as an amateur interviewer.”

The opportunity for Pikelet to be a part of the show, was one that couldn’t be turned down. “I’m not typically comfortable with being filmed or interviewed, but I jumped at the chance to be on Amateur Hour because I’ve been a fan of Laura’s work on the show for a while. We’d also met before and got along well, I enjoy her sense of humour.

“The song we decided to film is a very emotionally involved one, that addresses some rather difficult feelings I was having about my gender. It was written as an affirmation to myself to get myself through each day and keep me out of the darker feelings about myself that were swallowing me up at the time. I was really glad to treat the interview and the log-lady aesthetic surrounding the performance with a lightheadedness, because trying to speak about the themes of that song would have been difficult.”