Allergies may keep you away, but Melbourne’s Cat Cafe is here to stay

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Allergies may keep you away, but Melbourne’s Cat Cafe is here to stay

Cat Cafe Melbourne
Words by Zachary Sanderson

Cities around the world are no stranger to reconceptualised hospitality in venues, so what makes this concept of a Cat Café so special?

At Karen’s diner, you will be berated and roasted. At Cat Café, you will groom and pet. Where else can you expect to be abused and therapied by two different venues? Of course, subverted expectations at hospitality venues isn’t a uniquely Melbourne concept.

In fact, the Cat Café idea originated almost 20 years ago in Taiwan. So, what’s so unique about this concept?

Melbourne’s own Cat Cafe

  • Cat Café in CBD offers coffee and feline friends
  • Proven lower stress and blood pressure occurs when interacting with cats

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Animal assistance with mental health isn’t an alien concept. It’s a widely acknowledged truth that animals have a lot to do with the aid of a healthier mind, with pets having the effect of lower anxiety, reduced feelings of loneliness, and lower blood pressure.

However, the hard-working felines at the Cat Café in the CBD are simply residents of the building – and you are the visitor.

Formally rescue kittens, the members of the purr-fect team were given the chance to start over again. Working with Geelong Animal Welfare society, they’ve given these cats a new chance at life. Considering the colossal domestic pet abandonment rate, this café prides itself on being ethically sustainable and only taking in cats that have been impounded.

Between the years of 2019-2020, almost 10,000 cats were euthanised due to rescue shelters being overwhelmed by numbers. Not only is the cat café seen as a novelty towards cat lovers to revel in their feline obsession, but also to help our kitty companions have a new chance at life.

While the cat café is exclusively for cats, dog cafés are also now taking off with similar popularity. Obviously, Cats vs Dogs as a rivalry has come to fruition again. However, with the same ethical goals in place, the vision of these venues stays firmly the same.

For more information about booking with the Cat Café, please visit their website here.