According to Wikipedia, this is the “most cooked” Melbourne suburb

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According to Wikipedia, this is the “most cooked” Melbourne suburb


The Melbourne subreddit is a glorious place, full of locals and keen tourists alike. One Redditor recently had to seek out the help of the digital community, asking what it meant to be “cooked”.

The question was in relation to a Wikipedia entry for the Melbourne suburb of Glen Huntly, which was curiously labelled as the “most cooked suburb of Melbourne”.

What Does most “Cooked” suburb mean? from r/melbourne

People were quick to aid the confused Redditor with this succinct definition: “Being sky high on drugs.”

The edit was made anonymously last week, with the culprit only leaving behind an IP address. At the time of writing, the sneaky change is still up after nine days which is honestly pretty impressive. No Glen Huntly natives have changed back the edit in an act of rage yet. Perhaps they’ve decided to accept the title.

Stay classy, Glen Huntly.

Editor’s note 17/12/2018 10.08am: We regret to inform Beat readers some party pooper has removed the cheeky Wikipedia edit.