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“I’ve been a performer all my life, but rarely have I gotten the main in a musical,” Buskes muses. “I’m a singer, but there have always been those who were better than me. So instead I decided to cast myself as the main for once.”

Exploring Fringe’s theme of ‘stepping into the light’ in an introspective fashion through a classic story of self-discovery, Buskes is nothing butauthentic. In particular, the subject matter for the production came from the fact that Buske has been battling with depression and anxiety for most of her life – an experience which has been illustrative. “I’ve learned that sometimes you need to laugh at yourself,” she reflects. “This brought about the idea of creating a character who is not very self-aware and who takes herself a little too seriously. I wanted to show that character’s journey into finding her authentic self. Oh – and I love elaborate costumes.”

Buskes describes herself as a lifelong performer – she’s performed regularly with The Improv Conspiracy and last year wrote her own sketch piece, as well as starring in a web series. However, ready to finally take centre stage, Buskes spent months crafting the songs and dialogue for Accomplished-is, albeit with some help from her lovely mates. “I reached out to some friends who are incredible songwriters – Matthew Jenner and Broni Lisle – to ask if they would help make my dreams come true,” she laughs. “From there I spent a lot of time hiding in my study writing lyrics and dialogue. I’m a pretty solitary writer, so I pretty much just delegated the music creation and entrusted them to produce something magical. By God, did they come through with the goods.”

Buskes is completely immersed in the theatre, improv and comedy communities around Melbourne. It makes sense then that almost everyone she knows plays a role in Fringe in some capacity and that the festival is a highlight of her social calendar. “I love the buzz,” she muses. “There is an air of joy, creativity and a splash of heartache, that gives the festival this dynamic culture of light and darkness.”

While Accomplished-ish doesn’t force any awkward audience participation, the cabaret aspect involves the crowd and repeatedly breaks the fourth wall.

“You can just relax and enjoy the show – apart from imagining that you are sitting in a pub in the eastern suburbs.”


Venue: The Improv Conspiracy

Dates: September 15 – September 23 (excluding Monday)

Time: 8pm (7pm Sunday)

Tickets: $15 – $22