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Abbey Road Institute


What does Abbey Road Institute offer its students? The Abbey Road Institute offers an intensive, fast paced 12-month course that concentrates on three main areas: audio engineering and acoustics, music theory and production, management and music business. This approach ensures students leave with a rounded view of the music business and are better equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving audio industry.

What is it like learning at ARI? Informed by being at the forefront of the recording industry for over 80 years, the modules developed at the Abbey Road Institute offer students a way to gain access to the level of specialist engineering expertise that’s required to work at Abbey Road. The team of specially selected trainers have a unique blend of industry and teaching experience that will give those accepted an outstanding educational and practical learning experience.

How is an Abbey Road Institute course unique? You don’t just do one subject of music production or one subject of microphones. We start by teaching how records are actually made, and then we get students to start recreating tracks from EMI’s archives based on the original production notes. Then we teach them to start making their own productions based on 80 years of knowledge. So it’s not an audio technology course although it has aspects of that, it’s not a music business course although it has aspects of that; what it is is a music production course, day in, day out for a full year.