A surreal ‘Alice and Wonderland’ exhibition is heading to ACMI

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A surreal ‘Alice and Wonderland’ exhibition is heading to ACMI


Expectations will be defied and curiosity will be rewarded in the world premiere Wonderland exhibition heading to ACMI in 2018, celebrating the cinematic history of Lewis Caroll. 

The worlds of Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandThrough the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There will come to life in an entirely original and interactive experience. 

“This latest ACMI-created Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition showcases the moving image adaptations of Carroll’s seminal works through celebrating the evolution of filmmaking, right from the earliest optical toys through to new technologies,” said ACMI CEO & Director, Katrina Sedgwick. 

“With Wonderland, ACMI has created an interactive exhibition where audiences will explore the magic of film craft and its integral role embedding this much loved story in our imaginations for generations.”

The exhibition charts how changing technology has aided filmmakers to depict the stories of Lews Caroll, complete with a range of digital activities that draw on the wonder and curiosity of Carroll’s stories.