A stellar sophomore lineup graces Melbourne’s PHOTO 2022 return

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A stellar sophomore lineup graces Melbourne’s PHOTO 2022 return

PHOTO 2022
Words by Ryley Clarke

PHOTO 2022, an International Festival of Photography, will mark its return to Melbourne this year, with a stellar sophomore lineup of contemporary, emerging and iconic artists.

We attended the launch of PHOTO 2022 – International Festival of Photography last week, in which festival director Elias Redstone announced a diverse edition of exhibitions, programs, commissions and initiatives that will bring life to the second iteration of the photography focused festival from 29 April–22 May 2022.

Set to ignite galleries across Victoria and activate the streets of inner Melbourne, the festival will present 123 national and international artists and photographers with over 90 exhibitions and 50 world premieres as well as introducing 24 commissioned projects. As Melbourne’s arts industry moves into signs of normality, PHOTO 2022 will lead the way with an ambitious, progressive, and diverse festival.

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Influenced by the pandemic ‘Being Human’, the prominent theme of the festival will explore the inner depths of the human condition. Seen through the lens and eyes of photographers today, a contemporary gaze will engage the festival’s experience, dissecting issues of the self, mortality, nature, history and society. Drawing upon matters of individuality, connection, actions and experiences, the festival will explore the impacts, consequences and likenesses of humanity.

“PHOTO 2022 is the biennale Melbourne has been waiting for, embedding ambitious artworks into the very fabric of the city and creating unique experiences for audiences at some of our most famous landmarks,” he said.

“A trail of 40 outdoor displays across the city combined with commissioned work and exclusive exhibitions offers a unique art experience for audiences. Responding to the theme ‘Being Human’, PHOTO 2022 showcases both the big topics and minutiae of the human experience, with work that creates moments of awe and wonder at the beauty and complexity of life today.”

PHOTO 2022 will present both commissioned projects and iconic works of some of photography’s contemporary and most influential artists, including Hoda Ashfar, Helmut Newton, Cindy Sherman, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Atong Atem and Christian Thompson.

Program highlights include:

  • PHOTO 2022 LAUNCH WEEKEND: 29 April – 1 MAY 2022
  • ICONS: CINDY SHERMAN, Atrium at Fed Square & HELMUT NEWTON IN FOCUS, Jewish Museum of Australia, 29 April- 22 May 2022.
  • HODA ASHFAR, SPEAKING WITH THE WIND, Monash Gallery of Art, 29 April- 22 May 2022.
  • CHRISTIAN THOMPSON, BEING HUMAN HUMAN BEING, RMIT Alumni Courtyard, 29 April- 22 May 2022.
  • NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS: James Makin Gallery, 29 April- 22 May 2022
  • PHOTO EDITIONS: SURAT ATONG ATEM, (Photobook Launch) Photography Studies College, 21-22 May 2022.
  • PHOTOBOOK WEEKEND: Photography Studies College 21-22 May 2022
  • PHOTO LIVE: ACMI 10-19 May 2022

There’s no doubt that Melbourne’s arts scene is seeing signs of certainty once again. With restrictions out of the way and Melbourne’s cherished art festivals on the fringe of return. It’s safe to say Melbourne is on the move to return to capitalising on its artistic endeavours as the arts capital of Australia.

Photo 2022 – International Festival of Photography will run from 29 April–22 May 2022. For further event details, head to photo.org.au.