A special evening of flamenco performance is coming to Northcote’s Open Studio

A special evening of flamenco performance is coming to Northcote’s Open Studio

Photo by Sean Po
Words by Arielle Richards

Join flamenco artist Aya Kitaoji and Senes Flamenco for a night of Spanish guitar, percussion and dance.

For a one-night feature event, Sevillian artist Aya Kitaoji’s Senes Flamenco dance ensemble will perform at Northcote’s Open Studio. The event is highly limited, with only 35 seats on offer. 

What you need to know

  • Dance instructor and artist Aya Kitaoji’s ensemble, Senes Flamenco, is performing alongside local musicians for a one-off evening of musical and artistic appreciation
  • The evening takes place at Open Studio in Northcote on March 31, with doors at 6pm
  • Flamenco is a cultural spanish dance and artform, originating in Andalusia, Spain, involving percussive music and traditional dress

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Aya Kitaoji is a Sevillian born dancer, artist and percussionist who has danced since age five. With influences drawn from her classical ballet training, to folkloric and contemporary dance, Kitaoji’s flamenco, 20 years in the making, is unique yet traditional. 

Kitaoji formed Senes Flamenco in 2011, where she utilises her knowledge to educate the community in the art of flamenco, via classes and workshops. The evening will feature an intimate performance by the Melbourne-based trio, whose ethos is to inspire cross-cultural recognition through traditional forms of dance and music.

The dancers will be accompanied by local musicians, whose performances complete the equation of flamenco – cante (song), toque (guitar) and baile (dance). 

Senes Flamenco will perform at Open Studio in Northcote on March 31. Tickets are highly limited, purchase yours here.