A Restaurant Boom

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A Restaurant Boom

I haven’t lived in this delicious town for very long but I admit I am feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment. Without a car it’s hard to visit every single table as it pops up, so thankfully there’s The Internet to provide me with a wealth of reviews – and hype. The strong online foodie community must be so helpful for these new places to gain a bit of notoriety.

Imagine where we’d be without the net anyway? How would I find out about a new place in North Melbourne if I live in South Yarra? Unless I was incredible intrepid, most of Melbourne’s new bites would go largely unnoticed. Perhaps it’s due to the strong online community that these new venues can flourish.

We’ll see how long they last, but I don’t expect any of these new establishments to shut down immediately. A hungry and discerning population seem more than happy to consistently patronise new joints – and to experiment with new places. In fact, I reckon most Melbourne people would prefer to try a new place than eat at the same old, same old.

From bars to pubs, cafes to restaurants, it’s worth jumping online and doing some research – subscribe to some blogs, get an Urbanspoon account and make some plans. You wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the newest and best places to dine in town.