A Perfect Circle : Eat The Elephant

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A Perfect Circle : Eat The Elephant


The group, lead by Tool front man Maynard James Keenan, touch upon regular topics of interest in Eat The Elephant; religion, consumerism, society going down the drain. However, they approach these issues with a serious sense of self-righteousness. In ‘The Doomed’ and ‘Hourglass’ for example, Maynard comes across as increasingly cynical as he sarcastically exclaims everything wrong with the world, under orchestral notes to back it up. These tracks are painfully obvious and don’t come across as the grand revelation they attempt to be.

‘By And Down The River’ is an odd addition, considering it was released on the band’s best of compilation Three Sixty in 2013. The version of this track on Eat The Elephant has had some reworking done to it, but we’ve heard it before. ‘Disillusioned’ proves to be the stand out of the album. While also a preachy gesture that we’ve all in fact become disillusioned, the song hits those thrilling A Perfect Circle crescendos and delivers.

Otherwise, on a sonic level, the album is standard A Perfect Circle – their sound hasn’t developed much during hiatus. Listen to this album to relieve your curiosities, but don’t expect something worth repeats.