A ‘next-generation’ cinema with superior dining (and standard movie prices) is coming to Brunswick

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A ‘next-generation’ cinema with superior dining (and standard movie prices) is coming to Brunswick

FoMo Cinema
Words by Staff Writer

In the age of streaming services and home theatres, the silver screen has to provide a special experience to draw us in. FoMo Cinemas in East Brunswick plans to do just that.

At its heart, the joy of going to the cinema isn’t just about watching a movie; it’s a complete sensory experience that transports us to another world. From the anticipation of arriving at the theatre to the communal experience of sharing intense emotions with strangers, there’s a unique thrill in the cinematic journey.

So what’s missing in today’s cinematic experience?

Well, it might just be us but the usual overpriced popcorn and watery cokes can’t quite compare to what you can rustle up at home (even if you do hide pre-bought snacks in your jacket pockets). That’s why FoMo Cinemas in East Brunswick sounds very special indeed.

FoMo Cinema in East Brunswick

  • FoMo Cinemas is a new in-cinema dining experience opening this summer
  • East Brunswick Village, 133 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick

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FoMo – a new independent cinema planning on opening in East Brunswick Village this summer – is advertising itself as the “next generation of in-cinema diner”. That means food and drink served to cinema seats before and throughout the movie, which will include a rather exciting-sounding “custom-made twenty-minute preshow”.

While they insist they’ll provide superior food and drink, they’re also saying they’ll be charging standard movie prices.

The importance of cinematic experiences like these are easy to underestimate. Steeped in nostalgia and tradition, the cinema is where we spent time with our families, where we first saw our favorite childhood heroes in action, where we had our first date, or even where we celebrated small milestones.

We think FoMo might be onto something…

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