A free glowing arts festival kicks off in Prahran this Friday

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A free glowing arts festival kicks off in Prahran this Friday

GLOW Winter Arts Festival 2019
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Glow Winter Arts Festival returns to Prahran this Friday, showcasing a series of illuminating exhibits from June 3 - 19.

A series of newly commissioned outdoor illuminations, inspired by the festival theme of ‘Metamorphosis’, will brighten up two locations – Prahran Square and Central Park Gardens – for Glow Winter Arts Festival in 2022. The immersive outdoor installations are designed to ‘spark conversation and ignite curiosity after dark’.

From Thursday 16 June, Central Park Gardens will showcase five engaging illuminations by local artists every night until 19 June. Popular local food trucks will also operate on-site.

What you need to know

  • Glow Winter Arts Festival runs at Prahran Square from 3 – 12 June
  • It concurrently runs at Central Park Gardens from 16 – 19 June
  • It’s totally free, you can see the full program here

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From Friday 3 June, you can visit Prahran Square to see the new work by Resolution X collaborators Jamie Russell, David Bartholomeusz and Kait Hall, called Now Breathe. The installation aims to transform the square’s urban forest into a living, breathing organism through the interplay of high-spec lighting tubes with a soundscape of over 250 recordings of human breaths.

Meanwhile, Skunk Control presents a work called Monolith, which alters the pathway of light as it passes through fine structures to create a landscape of constant colour metamorphosis.

Sky Castle by ENESS (pictured left) is a dreamy, interactive sound and light installation featuring a cluster of inflatable arches that span in colourful symphony across public space to evoke the joy and hope of a rainbow after a storm.

In Taking Flight, Carla O’Brien gives participants a colourful way to experience the skies while remaining earth-bound, and asks them to consider how they are transformed when they change where they are.

Michael Doolan asks viewers to consider what is transpiring between the protagonist and the bird in his lively sculpture, Cautionary Note. Mandylights’ The Overbloom is a celebration of physical scale, in a mass of numbers and size, reflecting the joy in growth and the pleasure of the journey.

“Our outdoor spaces will come alive at night with laughter and light as the Glow Winter Arts Festival returns. This is a chance to step out and discover Prahran Square and Central Park in Malvern East in a new way by walking through immersive installations and exploring large scale illuminated artworks,” City of Stonnington Mayor, Jami Klisaris, said.

For all the info, head here.