60 Seconds With… The Good Ship

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60 Seconds With… The Good Ship



Describe your sound in five words or less:

Porno, country, folk, cabaret.


So, someone is walking past as you guys are playing, they then go get a beer and tell their friend about you… what do they say?

They don’t walk past, they dance past. And when they go get a beer, they bring it back to one of us, forget about their friend, laugh, shout, sing and dance some more.


What part of making music excites you the most?

Definitely the performance. We have just finished our second album (due for release in July) and while it has been a great experience, we’ve all been itching to get back on stage and play together. It’s why we exist. (That, or it’s the sublime adoration and possibility of getting action off some half-cut groupie.)


Tell us about the last song you wrote.

It was a combined effort with John and Daz, called No Good Deed. We were on tour last year, and approached a hitch-hiker on the highway. He was by all accounts dapper and well presented – possibly in his 80s. After a flurry of ‘should we get him/should we not’s, we drove straight past without a hint of slowing down. Less than a minute later it began to rain biblically. We remained silent for a moment, reflecting on our poor choice. The only logical thing was for us to spend the rest of the journey penning a song on the uke, about him being a nomadic serial killer (though somewhat reluctant). It then became justified to us, that we did not need to pick him up.


How do you stop your pre-gig jitters?

They’re frequently too hard to distinguish from sobriety jitters. So put simply, I kill the two birds with one stone and administer a tarty glass of red and whatever else is around.


What advice would you give to bands that are new on the Melbourne music scene?

Don’t be arseholes. That doesn’t mean you should have to kiss someone else’s. It’s just called integrity… Arseholes.


THE GOOD SHIP bring their Seven Seas tour to the Grace Darling on Saturday April 14 with support from Rapskallion.