60 Seconds With… Singer Mali of Jaggery

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60 Seconds With… Singer Mali of Jaggery


Define your genre in five words or less: Avant-garde indie chamber pop.


Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like? A psychedelic Tori Amos and/or Dr. Seuss on acid.


What’s the strangest place you’ve ever played a gig, or made a recording? I recorded the vocals for a song through the bars of a crypt at Mt. Auburn Cemetery (in Watertown, Massachusetts) because of the unbelievable natural reverb.


How do you stop your pre-gig jitters? Physical activity helps me most: stretching, jumping jacks, running around the block.


What makes you happiest about what you’re doing? What made me want to be a singer and musician from a very early age was the unique and powerful way I felt touched, moved by music – grabbed by it, shaken, soothed, sometimes all at once.  Made to feel. What makes me happiest and most fulfilled about writing songs, singing, and performing is getting the chance to inhabit all those internal places and then to share that journey with others; to “pass on” feeling.


And what makes you unhappiest about what you’re doing? What often-times makes me unhappy is how little time I end up actually doing creative work because I’m too busy doing all the managerial stuff like booking shows, maintaining the website, promoting on Facebook, etc. I often lament that I end up spending the most time on stuff I’m not good at it.  I have not yet figured out that balance.


When’s the gig and with who? Saturday March 1 at The Butterfly Club with Plum Green.