60 Seconds With… Sex On Toast

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60 Seconds With… Sex On Toast


When are you playing live/releasing your album/EP/single/etc? We’ll be launching our debut album on Friday March 28 at the Northcote Social Club.

So, someone is walking past as you guys are playing, they then go get a beer and tell their friend about you… what do they say? That “someone” is a beautiful woman dressed in red, who rushes up to her stunning brunette friend and howls “my oh my, I just saw ten of the finest young studs in suits whippin’ that crowd into a frenzy, and god golly, I wanna touch ’em all over!”

What inspires or has influenced your music the most? Prince for the showmanship and musicianship; Frank Zappa for the musicianship and absurdity; Brian Wilson, Roger Troutman, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley and Mr. Bungle for the production.

What part of making music excites you the most? Hearing something new come alive.

What advice would you give to bands that are new on the Melbourne music scene? Play good, kid – nobody wants to hear another shitty band!

Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like? Sex On Toast sounds like a trip to the beach, where everyone’s invited, the champagne is flowing and the babes glistening. Suddenly the sun comes down and tide comes in, and suddenly you’re alone with the moon, half an erection, half a martini and a heart filled with regret.

If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why? Frank Zappa, just to see what he would think. He might hate it, but I’d like to hear his thoughts anyway!

Anything else to add? Yes. Life’s a party, baby!

SEX ON TOAST play the Northcote Social Club on Friday March 28.