60 Seconds With…Mere Women

60 Seconds With…Mere Women


Hello, who are we speaking with and can you tell us a little about the music you make?

Hey! Flyn – guitar. Mere Women are a four-piece (have been a three-piece until recently) from Sydney that play abrasive post-punk pop. Our music can span across a few genres, which is the product of a vast influence base. We’ve released two albums and we’re into our third.

For the entirely uninitiated, give us a brief history lesson in Mere Women. How did you form and what have you released thus far?

Me and Amy started jamming some ideas way back in 2011 probably. Amy played solo and I just finished up playing in another band. We were pretty different then, and if we didn’t get in contact with our now drummer, Kat, we would’ve probably sounded exactly like White Hex. The three of us come from pretty different musical backgrounds. We released our debut Old Life in 2012 and Your Town in 2014. This year we did a split with Melbourne band Gold Class on Black Wire Records.

Mere Women have made some big jumps since the release of Old Life in 2012. How has the band’s sound and style developed over the past four years?

I think we only really solidified our sound on Your Town in 2014, which really doesn’t feel that long ago. We’ve added bass this year for the newest record, which we will record later in the year so the sound and style has changed a bit, but not too dramatically. The new stuff allows (keys player and vocalist) Amy to play less bass and for me to play some higher end stuff. I think we’ve gotten heaps darker and heaps poppier at the same time…

What has been the biggest ‘holy fuck?!’ moment in the band’s history?

I think when we played on the main stage at a festival in New Zealand called Camp A Lo Hum. We played at like 11pm to thousands of people in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and mountains. Incredible feeling…

You’ll be making the trek to Melbourne from Sydney to play at The Old Bar on Thursday June 30, alongside the equally awesome Palm Springs and Karli White. Convince us to head down.

You said it…everyone’s equally awesome and The Old bar is a bloody great venue.