60 Seconds With…Kattimoni

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60 Seconds With…Kattimoni


Hi. Who are we speaking with, and what’s your role in Kattimoni?

Hi, I am Kattimoni, I’m the singer, songwriter and soul muma of the band

You guys have adopted your own unique style of soul, funk and reggae. How did you find and perfect your innovative sound?

I started collaborating with Egyptian producer and guitar player Bisho from Radiate productions in 2013 and together we arranged the songs and formed the band. It’s a union of old school funk/soul and contemporary urban soul sounds.

You’re playing at The Retreat Hotel’s Soul Muma Sunday soiree on Sunday May 8. What can punters expect from your set?

Some seriously infectious, groove-based funk rhythms, reggae and hip hop inspired vibes to ignite your wildest moves on the dance floor. Some powerhouse soul muma vocals and inspirational lyrics to lift your spirit.

Your hotly anticipated single Ain’t Gonna Give up is expected to be released later this year. What is the ethos behind it?

Ain’t Gonna Give Up is a song I wrote for my muma who, like one in six Aussie women, has been battling breast cancer for the last few years. The song is about rising above the storm, being resilient and having hope. It’s a dedication to all cancer survivors and those whose lives have been impacted.

Your lyrics encompass messages of rising up, overcoming adversity and transcending limitations. How did you come to be so philosophically minded?

The deeper the roots the higher the tree. As a young person I survived some pretty heavy trauma and abuse and struggled a lot with mental health, so I dedicated my life to investigating the science, psychology, spirituality and art of transformation.