2018 Global Atheist Convention returns to Melbourne

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2018 Global Atheist Convention returns to Melbourne


The Global Atheist Convention returns to Melbourne with Reason To Hopebringing with it renowed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, best-selling author Ben Goldacre and other leading ‘alternative-thinkers’ to inform and challenge the role of atheism in the current political and social climate. 

Dawkins, arguably the world’s most famous athiest, will deliver his thought-provoking and often controversial views to thousands in an effort to challenge the existence of God and religion as “a scientific hypthosesis like any other.” His literary works have pioneered non-religious advocacy and understanding the world in a way that is based in science and fact. 

The convention also delivers a diverse lineup of speakers, entertainers, including science comedian Robin Ince, social commentator Jane Caro, Victorian Young Australian of the Year Jason Ball, journalist and presenter Tracey Spicer, and renowed authors Peter FitzSimons, Clementine Ford and Greta Christina.

Delivering the keynote address is author Sir Salman Rushdie, whose infamous novel The Satanic Curses was banned in India for its outspoken themes of religious manipulation and dissecting traditionalist views. 

“Their views on ‘alternative facts’ will fit right in with the great mix of science, social issues and comedy we have planned for Reason to Hope,” says President of the AFA Kylie Sturgess. 

The convention arrives at an important time with 30.1% of the population are declaring non-religious, which has atheism overtaking Catholism for the first time in census history. 

Tickets for Reason To Hope can be purchased here