10 hugely talented Melbourne artists to see live in 2022

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10 hugely talented Melbourne artists to see live in 2022

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Words by Benjamin Lamb

As the year draws to a close and we’re all getting to look back on our music listening in 2021 through Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, one thing is for sure, a lot of us are in need of a music shake up.

Today we’re diving into some of the coolest Melbourne acts that are on their way up in the music world, and will be the newest additions to your playlists.



Hailing from the musical hub of Bendigo, dream-pop artist Yergurl has been getting a lot of attention lately, after being a Triple J Unearthed High finalist, she’s also been a Triple J Unearthed Feature Artist, and played a number of shows across the state, including the popular lockdown festival Delivered Live.

Her music is a unique blend of pop elements, falsetto vocals, and brooding instrumentation, it’s one of a kind. Her most recent track ‘Until We Meet Again’ has garnered a lot of attention from critics and fans alike, check it out below.

Hobsons Bay Coast Guard

Surf rockers Hobsons Bay Coast Guard are shooting up in the world with their blend of surf rock and old school vibes. Their tight sound has made them one of the most in demand rock bands of current times.

They’ve released two amazing albums to date, 2019’s self-titled release, and 2021’s Tubular Swells. Check them out over on their Bandcamp page here. The group have a number of shows set for January, including being involved at the Sunday Arvos in January residency at The Retreat.


Hachiku is one of the best new acts in the world of indie rock and pop that really deserves a listen. Also known as Anika Ostendorf, Hachiku is part of the Milk Records family, sharing a label with mammoth acts like Liz Stringer, Sleater-Kinney and Courtney Barnett.

Hachiku’s music is the perfect kind for summer, laid back, calm and feel good. Her debut album I’ll Probably Be Asleep was released late 2020 and can be ordered on Bandcamp here. Catch Hachiku on tour this February, hitting the John Curtain Hotel on February 12.


Now for a journey to the metal world, Aquilus are unlike anything you’ve heard before. They mix the sounds of classic dark metal with stylings of classical and folk, an amalgamation that pulls you into each one of their releases.

Their most recent album was dropped December 3, Bellum I, which can be grabbed on their Bandcamp page here. The release was recently listed by Metal Injection as the 5th best album of the year, so it truly needs to be checked out.


You’ve probably come across these guys before, but if not, get on them now, they are set to become one of the biggest bands in coming years. Their brand of indie rock isn’t like anything else out there, Pinch Points’ lyrical prowess and virtuosic instrumentation set them apart from the pack.

They’ve released a few things to date, 2018’s EP Mechanical Injury, 2018’s Moving Parts LP, 2020’s Live at RRR, and are set to release their latest album in 2022, more info can be checked out here.  The group are set to support Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever in Feb 2022.

Pony Face

Pony Face are quickly becoming the next big thing in Melbourne’s live music scene. The group have appeared in a number of our biggest festivals like the St Kilda Festival, Brunswick Festival and Kyneton Festival to name a few.

Their music is quite out there, but is bound to pull you in, and you’ll probably find your new favourite group. Their music is an interesting mix of ambient sounds mixed with surfy sounding instrumentation. Check out music on their Bandcamp page here.


Transience are another one of Melbourne’s freshest metal bands, doing something different and garnering a lot of attention. They mix in weird time signatures, wacky instrumentation and great vocals.

The group have released some cool things to date, including a cover of ‘Blood’ and ‘Bad Things’, versions of the Dexter and True Blood theme songs respectively. Check out those, and more releases from the group on their Bandcamp page here.

The Vovos

The Vovos are one of Melbourne rock music’s hottest new bands, their energetic sounds and heartfelt lyrics makes them one of the best. They’ve been getting a lot of attention since their 2019 inception, supporting Skeggs, and appearing at the massive Boogie Festival in Victoria.

Their 2021 EP Jana has been lauded for its strong instrumentation, and high quality song writing. You can catch them playing the Light Houseparty at the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse on February 5.


If funk music is more up your alley, then Pickpocket is the group for you. Their music gives some of the world’s best musicians a run for their money. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head a couple of seconds into listening to one of their songs.

Their most recent release was 2020’s Refraction, and it’s got elements from funk from all eras, horns from the early days, rhythmic guitars from modern days, and lots more.  Their sound is totally original, but you’ll hear elements of Prince, Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire, but done in the Pickpocket way.

Skyscraper Stan

As seems to be the case with a number of musicians on this list, Kiwi-turned Melburnite Skyscraper Stan has often been praised for his powerful live shows, bringing his folk rock stylings to fans across the country, and even wowed crowds in Vietnam. He’s also shared stages with massive artists like James Reyne and Ian Moss – you know he’s someone to keep an eye on.

His music is hard to define, which is what makes it so unique and great. It’s a mix of roots, blues and country, while also adding in some funky bass at points and even spoken word elements. His most recent release ‘Words Like Repression’ can be grabbed over on his Bandcamp page here.

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