Old Bar

74-76 Johnston St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
37° 47' 53.9196" S, 144° 58' 37.7364" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Moses 1st of March, 7:30pm
Fire To The Stars 2nd of March, 7:30pm
Holy Serpent 3rd of March, 8:30pm
Laura MacFarlane 4th of March, 4:00pm
Shepparton Airplane 4th of March, 8:00pm
La Bastard 5th of March, 3:00pm
Hits 5th of March, 7:30pm
The Ruiner 6th of March, 7:30pm
Don Fernando 7th of March, 7:30pm
Closet Straights 8th of March, 7:00pm
Heads Of Charm 9th of March, 7:30pm
Dead 10th of March, 8:30pm
Tough Uncle 11th of March, 4:00pm
Kill Dirty Youth 11th of March, 8:30pm
Luke Seymoup 12th of March, 4:00pm
La Bastard 12th of March, 7:30pm
Honey Badgers 13th of March, 8:00pm
Trouble Peach 14th of March, 7:30pm
Phone Number: 
9417 4155
Opening Hours: 
Daily 2pm-3am

The Old Bar has long been a shrine to local music and has live music seven nights a week. Get your fix of local indie, punk, rock and funk groups, some cutting their teeth to a live crowd for the first time. As long as you don't mind rubbing shoulders with the odd 'local', the Old Bar is just about the most unpretentious atmosphere you can get. Grabbing a pot at the bar, you have a diverse choice of seating before you. From chairs and tables that may have come from a state school sale, couches possibly obtained from the local Salvos and a few bar stools at the front of the bar, the possibilities are endless.