Evelyn Hotel

351 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
37° 47' 47.7456" S, 144° 58' 43.5504" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
The Velvet Addiction 18th of January, 8:30pm
Nicholas Costello 19th of January, 8:30pm
Malesh P 20th of January, 8:00pm
Narly 20th of January, 8:30pm
Magic is Happening 21st of January, 8:30pm
Aspirin 22nd of January, 3:00pm
Jazz Party 23rd of January, 8:00pm
Purple Duck 24th of January, 8:30pm
Phone Number: 
9419 5500
Opening Hours: 
Daily 12pm-1.30am

The Evelyn is an unpretentious pub in the heart of Fitzroy and a focal point of the north-of-the-Yarra music scene. Inside is a real mish-mash of furniture: some old couches, a couple of sit-down arcade cabinets, a projection TV showing sport and music, chandeliers and a pool table. It's pretty clear that an interior decorator has never set foot in the place. But the Evelyn is more of a hotel you drop into for the music, rather than the aesthetics. Local and touring live acts hit the stage most nights of the week, and beer specials keep the audience well and truly in the mood for a party, even when it's a school night. You won't find a cocktail menu, but the Evelyn is not that kind of venue. A relic of years gone by, it's a simple, comfortable pub, perfect just the way it is. One new addition is the rooftop which is covered in graffiti.