Drunken Poet

65 Peel St
West Melbourne, VIC 3004
37° 48' 24.0084" S, 144° 57' 20.2428" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Michael Yule 27th of April, 8:00pm
Boadz 27th of April, 9:00pm
Traditional Irish Music Session 28th of April, 6:00pm
Dan Warner 28th of April, 8:30pm
Kraken Folk Session 29th of April, 3:00pm
The Tipplers 29th of April, 9:00pm
The Bona Fide Travellers 30th of April, 4:00pm
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Tues-Sat 12pm-1am, Sun 12pm-11pm