99 Fitzroy St
St Kilda, VIC 3182
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Cushion Fridays 28th of April, 9:00pm
Cushion Saturdays 29th of April, 9:00pm
Cushion Sundays 30th of April, 9:00pm
Cushion Fridays 5th of May, 9:00pm
Cushion Saturdays 6th of May, 9:00pm
Cushion Sundays 7th of May, 9:00pm
Phone Number: 
9534 7575
Opening Hours: 
Sun-Thu 10.30am-12am, Fri-Sat 10.30am-3am

A casual bar/restaurant by day, Cushion glams things up as the sun sets. The wooden tables and lounges take on a new dimension as the ambient lighting comes on, and what was a sleepy venue overlooking Fitzroy street does its best impression of a nightclub. The bar is the first thing that grabs your attention as you walk in off the street. It boasts an impressive selection of boozing options and is lit up like a Christmas tree (very noticeable from the footpath). Whether you're looking for an imported beer, cocktail, spirit or wine, there's something there to accommodate your tastes. There's also plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied while you sip your 'big drink' of the evening. While Friday and Saturday nights are all about DJs playing house music, you'll find entertainment throughout the week. DJs play a down-tempo mix of soul and funk early in the week and the Sunday night sessions are a favourite. Granted, there's no lack of drinking options in St Kilda, but if you're looking for a casual mix of bar and nightclub, then Cushion fills the void nicely. It's a solid, all-round performer.