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Slow Chase
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Jep and Dep
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Mayfair Kytes
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The Outfit
Bury Me Alive
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Endless Breeze
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Thomas Touche
BodyRomp Minimix
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Alyson Murray
Hook Line and Sinker
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James Leroy
So True
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Bunker / Adrian Bell / Andy Muscat
Bunker mix No. 2
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The Backyard Job
The Backyard Job was formed by Riley Dimovski (guitars) and Andrew Pearson (beats). Their style is a melting pot of bass/electronic and metal. The Backyard Job from the word go, set out to do things differently, the duo took it upon themselves to create a 12kw hand built, (in the backyard) sound system in which they could throw gigs on. After being escorted out of their first gig by riot police, the band hit back and teamed up with Melbourne crews, to play their music through their system at festivals and underground parties. Not only did they build their own sound system but the boys designed and built their own filters and pedals, to fully customise their sound. The Backyard Job produce their own beats in their backyard studio. This is a raw, energetic and aggressive band, that combines dance music with a punk rock attitude. At a live show you can expect nothing as a large portion of their set is improvised, with some mash ups and originals thrown in for kicks. The Backyard Job is not just a band, it's a lifestyle!