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Tribeadelic's 17th Birthday Celebrations

Tribeadelic are celebrating their 17th birthday with a huge party next month.

It's set to be a night to remember with all four rooms being opened for the monumental evening.
The Tribeadelic Room will feature, Time Lock, Everblast, Chromotone, Fractail Glider, Legohead and Billy the Kid. The Subsonic Room will be graced by the sound of Weeked Heroes-Felix, MSG, Dylan Griffin, Mood Machine, Muska and Punkzonjunk. The Adapted Records Room will have Mustard Tiger, Corey David, Kodiak Kid, Wasabi and El Suave all playing celebratory sets late into the night. And finally the OzTrance Room will have Tarun, Loosefingers, Reality Bytes, Imperfect Circle, Priojectamind and Instant Alien playing.

Head down to Brown Alley on Friday June 21. Tickets are on sale from Brown Alley.