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Stonefield : Black Water Rising

With their ballsy seventies rock aesthetic and long-haired hippy look, the girls of Stonefield are a music marketer's wet dream. Following their Triple J Unearthed win, the four pretty sisters from Melbourne's semi-rural north have signed with Michael Parisi's Wunderkind Records and started churning out the goods. Their first official single, Black Water Rising, is a competent riff on the Zappa/Hendrix sounds that saturated the Findlay household as the girls were growing up - a reasonable but pedestrian effort. If they were my kids, I'd think they were four tiny geniuses. They are not my kids, however, so I'm free to hear the paint-by-numbers flavour of this track. Lead singer Amy has a big, rasping voice, but the rhythm drags and the songwriting doesn't electrify. They're still super young though; there's probably something amazing in their future.