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Old Bar
74-76 Johnston St

60 Seconds With... Bad Vision

What’s your name then? Oh. And the name of your band…
Josh, Bad Vision.
What do you do?
Play guitar.
When did you start doing that?
Mmmmmm when I was a little nipper...12?
Why did you start doing that?
Football was getting boring. Plus I was envious of hearing the older kids play the intro to Smells Like Teen Spirit over and over at lunch time. And I wanted to learn how to play the riff in Blood Well Right by Supertramp. At lunch time. Over and over.
Do you think you’re good at doing that?
I guess. I’ve never been fired. Perhaps they overlook my musical flaws, as I’m such a stand-up guy. 
If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing?
I’d probably be an electrician. And having many regrets about life, likely leading to subsequent mental psychoses. 
What makes you happiest about what you’re doing? Getting a rider, irrespective of how piecemeal that may be. 
And what makes you unhappiest about what you’re doing?
Imminent hernia thanks to fender amplification.
What’s your proudest moment of doing what you do?
Learning the riff to Bloody Well Right. 
And your least proud? The fact that I never started a Supertramp cover band. 
When are you doing your thing next? Possibly tomorrow, but no one’s invited. But I think the answer you really want is Saturday August 30 at Old Bar (our going away show ahead of our Europe Tour) with these babes: Kids Of Zoo, Mutton and LOOBS.
BAD VISION play The Old Bar with Kids of Zoo, Mutton and LOOBS on Saturday August 30.