Competition closes: Nowhen in particular

Ballarats favourite dark baritone has just dropped his debut album S.I.X and is about to kick off a huge east coast tour to celebrate. The video for single Revelation Law, like the rest of Malone’s music, flirts with the macabre and is a good indication of what one can expect to hear on S.I.X.






Why was six mad at...

Competition closes: Nowhen in particular

Reformed ’70’s rockers Taste are back after almost 40 years with a new album, Life On Earth, which they are supporting with an Australian tour in July. Having rubbed shoulders with the likes of AC/DC and Queen back in the day, these guys were on the verge of major rockstardom when they decided to throw it all in. Taste will be at The Corner Hotel on Saturday July 16 and we have a free pass to...