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Tyson Wray
E: tyson@beat.com.au


Digital Director & Online Advertising
Kris Furst

P: (03) 8414 9703
E: kris@furstmedia.com.au


Gig/Club Guide Manager
Lizzie Dynon
P: (03) 8414 9700
E: gigguide@beat.com.au


Print Edition


Furst Media
P: (03) 9428 3600


Managing Director

Patrick Carr
P:(03) 9428 3600
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Music Editor

Cara Williams
P: (03) 8414 9711
E: cara@beat.com.au


Arts & Associate Music Editor
Tyson Wray
P: (03) 8414 9717
E: tyson@beat.com.au



Print Advertising


Bands/Tours/Record Labels
Cara Williams
P: (03) 8414 9711
E: cara@beat.com.au


Indie Bands/Beat Eats

Tegan Louise

P: (03) 8414 9712

E: tegan@beat.com.au


Backstage/Musical Equipment
Aleksei Plinte
P: (03) 8414 9751
E: mixdown@beat.com.au


Nicholas Ohlson
P: (03) 8414 9731
E: distribution@beat.com.au


National Street Press

National Street Press was created in order to provide one single, united front for facilitating access to Australia's leading street press for national corporate advertisers. Get the most powerful youth media coverage in Australia with one single advertising booking channel.


Your message will hit over 5,500 city and metro outlets across Australia in the nation's most established and leading street press publications including Beat (Melbourne), The Brag (Sydney), Xpress (Perth), Scene (Brisbane) and DB (Adelaide).


One contact. We'll do the rest.


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