Posted 21 Apr 2017 @ 3:31pm

Art aficionados and novices alike cannot deny the brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh. Today the Dutch post-impressionist is known around the world for his exquisite landscapes, still lifes, portraits and self-portraits, despite the fact he remained poor throughout his life and died virtually penniless, by his own hand, at the age of 37.



Posted 5 Apr 2017 @ 12:07pm

For those familiar with British television show The Only Way Is Essex, you’ll understand that the accent can be annoying as heck, grating on the ears like nails on a chalkboard.


But don’t let TOWIE give the entire county a bad rep, because people like Gemma Ray come along with voices so sweet and magical, trepidations about accents are quickly forgotten.

Posted 30 Mar 2017 @ 3:41pm

In celebration of NGV's landmark Vincent Van Gogh exhibition, Gareth Liddiard has covered a seminal track from Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. 


The all new cover of Vincent Van Gogh sees Liddiard team up with his new project, Gareth Liddiard's Cocktail Favourites - bolstered by a sunny Cuban influence, inspired by his recent travels overseas. 
It comes in...

Posted 15 Feb 2017 @ 3:14pm

Lauded American pop artist Jim Dine has gifted hundreds of works to the National Gallery of Victoria, covering multiple decades of his work. 


The gift includes some of his most iconic print works featuring his signature motifs of hearts, bathrobes, tools, skulls and Pinocchio from the period of 1969-2013.
Emerging as a central figure of American art alongside Pop...

Posted 15 Feb 2017 @ 1:29pm

In recent years, PVT have been relatively quiet: apart from the ten-year anniversary shows, and the long-overdue vinyl release of their 2005 debut, Make Me Love You, the three members of the electronic post-rock band, have been busy with their various projects.


The tyranny of distance dictates that when the band does find themselves all in one place, it’s time to get to work....

Posted 30 Jan 2017 @ 8:39pm

Paul Kelly surrounded by John Olsen artworks, singing in the NGV. You don't get much better (or quintessentially Australian) than that. 


Australian icons John Olsen and Paul Kelly share a love of poetry. Experience the John Olsen: You Beaut Country exhibition and see both artists’ responses to Gerard Hopkin’s poem Pied beauty as Paul Kelly performs in front of Olsen’s painting...

Posted 30 Jan 2017 @ 3:12pm

The largest display of Van Gogh works to ever travel to Australia will come to the National Gallery of Victoria as pat of their 2017 Winter Masterpiece series. 


Van Gogh and the Seasons will explore Van Gogh’s profound connection to the seasons of nature through nearly 50 paintings and drawings.
Works will reveal Van Gogh’s vibrant impressions of springtime, with...

Posted 13 Jan 2017 @ 10:54am

Ahead of their split 7" with Cayetana, Camp Cope will be hitting the road with Cable Ties on an east coast tour. 


Having just played a sold-out show alongside Modern Baseball, the award-winning group are also gearing up to take over Laneway Festival.


Their forthcoming 7" will feature their new single Keep Growing and a re-working of Georgia Maq's solo...

Posted 23 Dec 2016 @ 9:47am

NGV Summer Sundays will be keeping you cool this season with a stellar lineup of acts, bringing free tunes to the masses each weekend in February. 


Gabriella Cohen, Camp Cope, Ali Barter and Emma Russack will all be taking to the stage for the season over four weekly gigs in the NGV Garden. 
The Summer Sundays series will be capped off with DJ sets, a pop-up bar,...

Posted 22 Dec 2016 @ 10:55am

Twenty-three new photographic works will be unveiled at NGV as part of a new solo exhibition from Australian artist Bill Henson. 


The exhibition - simply titled Bill Henson - is slated to explore key theme's in the artist's oeuvre, including sublime landscapes, portraiture, and classical sculpture captured in museum settings.
Ambiguous, dark and open-ended, Henson...


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