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On his debut album, Rag’n’Bone Man fuses all the best parts of pop, gospel, modern hip hop and classic soul – his raw vocals adding to the emotion.
Innocent Man echoes John Legend’s best work, utilising brass horns to full effect, while Skin’s introduction lays the gospel organ on thick before launching into a full choir backing. Be The Man is a poppy number, contrasting...

Posted 27 Apr 2012 @ 2:04pm

Tom Gleeson’s been doing comedy for 15 years and it shows. Material-wise, of course. He manages to cover several pressing social issues without losing any flow. Gleeson is consistently funny and every bit as endearing as he is impassioned. He often opens with a blunt statement before elaborating with fervent opinions; particularly memorable was the rant on his disdain for the Monarch. Most...

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Performing and releasing material under the title Grimes, Claire Boucher has emerged as one of the most transfixing figures in contemporary music. After gaining intense blog adoration for initial cassette releases Geidi Primes and Halfaxa, Grimes broke through into widespread acknowledgement with the release of Visions in 2012. The album consolidates the tantalising slingshot between...

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Of Montreal iaren't an easy band to categorise. The group that started as a psychedelic vaudeville pop experiment 16 years ago has evolved into something quite different, a musical hybrid written, composed and performed entirely by Kevin Barnes, with the help of ring-ins and session musicians. This has been a double-edged sword that hurts the music as often as it helps it – for every...

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If you do not know what this means, watch the video below or remain naive and apathetic and don't worry yourself with world matters. Take your girlfriend Raylene out and wash the ute instead.


Joseph Kony has committed and will continue to commit horrific crimes whilst masking his evil acts in religious bullshit. The fact that he remains in a powerful position, one which is used...

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In support of National SLAM day, The Toff in Town is proud to present a massive night of Melbourne's most punk and chaotic bands featuring The UV Race, Bitch Prefect and Repairs. 


The full-length debut masterpiece from Melbourne avant-tard six piece The UV Race, follows two limited-edition (and now highly sought after) seven inch singles released here and in the USA and has...

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Alright everyone move back a bit, it's getting crowded around here. According to our mate Google, the planet is approaching a population of seven billion human people persons. Seven billion and on the rise. That means we're chewing up Earth's resources faster than a hipster cleans out an Op Shop.




Earth is a sinking ship....

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Luke from SteelBirds


Define y our genre in five words or less:


Soul singing, motown folk rocking!


Someone walks passed as you're playing, they get a beer and tell their friend about you... what do they say?


Got to get inside folks! These guys' harmonies are tight, the guitarist has a sweet bandana...

Posted 19 May 2011 @ 4:11pm

Actor Yael Stone really doesn’t seem to mind sacrificing her body for her art. For her Diary Of A Madman production with Geoffrey Rush, she kept her head shaved for four months straight. Stone’s new production, A Golem Story required her to get completely slathered in mud for some eye-catching cover shots to depict the mud-based creature of the golem.


"I think I clogged up a...

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