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Swim Team’s debut, Holiday, is a fitting soundtrack with which to banish the dismal fog of twenty-sixteen. And who couldn’t use a smidgen of ‘90s lo-fi indie pop about now, amirite?
Holiday is an exuberant affair infused with bold self-reliance, bruised romanticism, and a palpable sense of frustration. The EP benefits from the energetic live recording as it...

Posted 19 Sep 2012 @ 6:18am

Well I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Looking like a bunch of emo brats in their promo shot, Will And The People instead put forth some pretty decent ska-infused indie rock. The close of each verses stretches out the word “stereo” that calls to mind Cliff Richard’s Wired For Sound and that song is pretty much the greatest. Ska is ska, but I’d listen to this any day over...

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Home For The Holidays is lifted off Emmy and Tim's novelty album, This Is Christmas. The former Ash frontman and his girlfriend have crafted frighteningly po-faced holiday anthem here, which sounds a bit like S Club 7, Steps or similar - your run of the mill British chart pop, complete with shitty synth drum sounds, synth strings, ABBA-style harmonies and twinkly effects. Perversely upbeat.

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"Oh. My. GOD!" was the cry as the curtains were pulled on the extravagant set design as Graveyard Train took the stage, summing up what was on the minds of the packed Forum crowd - some hollering in rapturous approval, some jaws agape at the wonder onstage. But more on that later.


The last time I witnessed Brothers Grim was at the more intimate surrounds of The Drunken Poet,...

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They've released seven EPs and been a constant fixture in Triple J players since their initial collaboration in 2008, but it's taken almost three years for Big Scary to release their debut album.


Drummer Jo Syme and guitarist Tom Iansek are unusually versatile songwriters, considering their relatively few years in the world. Within 18 months of working together they'd released...

Posted 25 Mar 2011 @ 3:30pm
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