Posted 8 Feb 2017 @ 2:55pm

Sunnyboys offer so much thirst-quenching tetrahedron shaped freshness.


You may say the same for the ‘80s post-punk pop band of the same name. They dished out fresh hits to the thirsty masses and have done so sporadically over the last 35 years. Now the guys are snipping off the corner and allowing us access to their cool sweetness once more.
This February, the...

Posted 11 Jan 2017 @ 1:34pm


After hearing of underwhelming shows on his last tour, punters could be forgiven for entering with slight trepidation, but those fears were quickly cast aside. Jamie T moved commandingly around the stage and used that traditional British rockstar arrogance to get the crowd dancing in no time.
Opening with crowd favourite Power Over Men, the set started with maximum...

Posted 11 Jan 2017 @ 11:32am

In May 1989 Dinosaur Jr. toured Australia for the first time. 


For the cult American indie-hardcore band, it was a time of upheaval. Earlier in the year bass player Lou Barlow, increasingly frustrated with the stifling behaviour of guitarist and principal songwriter J Mascis, had voiced his displeasure to his band mate. Mascis responded by exiling Barlow from Dinosaur Jr. With...

Posted 7 Dec 2016 @ 11:19am


Having released one of the best albums of the year, it’s no surprise most of the crowd for Angel Olsen have arrived early and made a beeline for the front.
Supporting Olsen is Jack Ladder, who reworked tracks from his Dreamlanders project for a rare solo performance. It’s a testament to his talent that Ladder had plenty of presence without a band, offering an interesting...

Posted 30 Nov 2016 @ 12:38pm

There's a lot of history to Chicago's genre-defiant Tortoise. On the verge of their 27th year as a band, the Midwestern multi-instrumentalists have traversed the world as softly spoken innovators, blending jazz, prog, electronica and post-rock into their versatile and impeccably detailed compositions.


Even with so much history to take in, the quintet aren't particularly...

Posted 12 Oct 2016 @ 1:04pm

For a band that lacks the inherent polish and finesse of a more experienced outfit, the DMA’s sure can command a crowd impressively.
Opening with Play It Out and Feels Like 37, the show started well, but had room for improvement. Straight Dimensions was a lovely addition, the flowing track matched well with the chilled stage presence of the band, and signalled the mark of a...

Posted 27 Sep 2016 @ 10:52am

Hitting the road in celebration of their fourth album, Band Of Skulls have locked in an Australian tour. 


By Default was written in a Southampton Baptist Church, produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters, Patti Smith) and recorded in Rockfield Studios. The record sees the band return to their roots. 
“We went back to Square One,” said bandmember Matt Hayward. “...

Posted 26 Sep 2016 @ 12:25pm

Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission have made an annual habit of scheduling special year-ending tours and they're doing it all over again off the back of their new LP. 


Summer Over The Ranges is the group's fourth release but Thomas himself has enjoyed longstanding collaborations with The Sure Thing and Squeezebox Wally who assumes the role as the band's consummate...

Posted 23 Sep 2016 @ 2:24pm

The drumming duo have been the engine room for some of the greatest rock bands of all time and now they're set for a long-awaited Australian tour.


Joining the likes of Black Sabbath, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne and Rod Stewart on stage is no short order and the Appice Brothers, featuring Vinny and Carmice Appice, are known for perfect emulations of previous music gems.



Posted 21 Sep 2016 @ 12:38pm

After a few recent jaunts around the country, Drunk Mums aren’t stopping to take a piss yet. With two gnarly back-to-back shows lined up for the end of September, it’s clear these guys know how to party. Beat caught up with bassist and vocalist Adam Ritchie to chat cane toads, touring and records.


“We did a quick [tour] with six dates,” says Ritchie. “And then before that we...


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