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Who are we chatting to?
Dave Sirianni – Smoke Stack Rhino.
And what do you do?
I’m the lead singer and rhythm guitar player.
When did the band get together?
From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to...

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With Hugh McClure


You’ll be returning to host Melbourne Music Week’s closing party. How would you describe the atmosphere? Last year our showcase was on a Tuesday night, and the place was pumping - so having the closing party this year is unbelievably exciting. There's such a buzz around MMW, the weather is starting to turn, festival season’s just beginning, so people are ready...

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How did you find the process of capturing your live sound on your debut EP Siren? We recorded the EP live with the help of Pughouse Studios. We all played at the same time instead of individual tracking, so we could capture the vibrancy that happens at gigs. We wanted to stay true to our band and give a cleaner, not overly produced sound.
Your catalogue of music includes...

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What’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?
Our band is Wire Bird. I’m John and I play acoustic, pads and backing vocals.
What do you reckon people will say you sound like?
People have compared us to bands like Gypsy and the Cat, The Temper Trap and Foals.
What do you love about making music?
That flash when I feel numb to...

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What’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band? We're Lepers & Crooks, I'm Pat and I play guitar and sing some songs.
What do you reckon people will say you sound like? The most random comparison we have had on multiple occasions is to Blind Melon, typically people say things like Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine
What do...

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What Do You Look For in a Band?
A variety of different characters sharing an energy on stage is what I really dig. We all feed off one another, even though we’re all playing a different piece in the puzzle.
Keeping Busy
I just spent time in the studio with producer Jan Skubiszewski and the result is my upcoming EP. The first single, Wishful Imagery, was...

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How do you see the importance and function of an event like Melbourne Music Week?
We’re super lucky to be part of one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world, and MMW is a cool initiative in showcasing this to an even wider audience. I've already started making an itinerary of all the shows I'm planning to catch.
How was the writing and recording processes for your...

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How would you describe the vibe of your latest album, Life Admin?
Some songs are fast, some songs are more mid-tempo, some songs are upbeat, some songs not so much. There’s some emotional themes discussed, there’s some nonsense, some distortion in parts, some mistakes, even some organ at one point. It’s a mixed bag.
Opening track Moving To Melbourne feels like a very tongue-...

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What’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?
I’m Kieran, I write the music, sing and play guitar, and also control the band’s currently thriving herb garden.
How would you describe your sound?
People love to say we sound like Local Natives, Radiohead and Grizzly Bear, which is flattering.
What do you loveabout making music?

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You latest single, Restart feels very emotionally charged, what feelings does it evoke?
It's a song very close to my heart. It's about letting go of the past and finding happiness again. A lot can happen when you learn to let go and allow yourself to be happy and to me that song is a reminder of where I came from to where I am now.
You’ve been very open about...

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Who Are You? Evan Whetter, singer, hammond organ and harmonica.
The First Record I Bought:
Howlin’ Wolf – The London Sessions LP. I was 14 and I’d started getting into blues. Back then you had to buy the record to find out if you liked it or not. I found the tapestry of sound so addictive.
The Last Record I Bought:
I buy as much vinyl as I can....

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Who are we speaking to and what do you do in Bella Wolf?
My name’s Erica Tucceri, and I’m a jazz flute player. I co-founded Bella Wolf with drummer Tommy Harrison, and also write most of the tunes.
You’ve performed in Indonesia, and played at St Kilda Festival. How did you secure these spots without a release?
I received an award from Future Leaders who...

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Tell us a bit about what you do as River Blue?
River Blue is a musical outlet that I have been searching out for many a year, and now it’s here.
Would it be safe to say you were only going to start River Blue if you were going to do it perfectly?
The collection of songs that I recorded for the EP is already two years old for me. I made sure I gave myself...

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Melbourne punk rock staples Clowns are no strangers to local stages. While the past year and a half has seen the band tour the US and Europe twice, not to mention numerous national support slots, the band’s upcoming east coast shows are their first headline appearances on our shores this year. As a former member of the band - journalistic impartiality aside - it’s remarkable and honourable to...

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The aura that Britpop and indie rock evokes is difficult to describe but instantly recognisable. How would you outline the atmosphere of Common People?
Britpop is instantly recognisable due to the fact many of the artists that were at the forefront of the scene started through indie labels and were able to achieve substantial mainstream success during the time.
Playing these tunes...

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Growing Up
I remember a time hating my Papa's music. Every Saturday around 6.30am he’d put on some Nick Cave or Talking Heads at a deafening level to wake us up for a morning of weeding. We lived on a farm and weeding was our main form of entertainment/income.
Chaz Bundick/Toro Y Moi/Les Sins, Ariel Pink, early Franz Ferdinand and Midnight Oil. These are...

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What is it about your creative partnership that makes for such a great dynamic? 
Writing with someone keeps your interest going and the faith you had in the idea to begin with. And it's fun, when you find the right person.
Do you feel that you take risks, or approach music in a different way, that you wouldn’t in any other band?
When I write a song it's apparent to me...

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Your debut album By Design was recorded and co-produced with Bodyjar’s Tom Read and mixed by the Grammy-Award winning Adam Kasper. What was it like working alongside such prestigious musicians?
Tom brought a sense of calm to the recording that I’ve never experienced before. Usually, you’re on the clock when you’re in the studio and you need to perform; when things aren’t landing or...

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How do you feel Melbourne Music Bank will best benefit your goals?
It would provide me with opportunities that were never available due to lack of funds and lack of knowledge.
If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I’m going to say Madison Square Garden and put that into the universe. If you are headlining a show at Madison Square...

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How do you feel Melbourne Music Bank will best benefit your goals?
I feel like the Melbourne Music Bank will benefit my goals by giving me an amazing opportunity to understand how the music industry works and strategies around how to develop a brand so people can hopefully listen to my music. It will also let me further explore the dream of being a successful musician.

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How do you feel Melbourne Music Bank will best benefit your goals?
I honestly think Melbourne Music Bank would take me one step closer to my destination. It has been my dream to become one of the biggest hip hop artists in Australia for a very long time and I feel like once I achieve this goal I can aim higher and target the world.
How do you perceive the music industry today...

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What Do You Look For in a Band?
Angus: Sex on Toast sounds like shit, but looks good doing it. We’re looking for fans with a good tooth to gum ratio.
Louis: Non human members, modest clothing, no percussion
Keeping Busy
A: Getting completely and utterly cucinated.
L: I've been so itchy it's really the only thing I can remember.

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What inspired you to apply for Melbourne Music Bank?
This is the first time I’ve entered my music into a competition, and when I noticed what was on offer I couldn’t pass it up. I just finished my debut EP and decided it was worth the long shot.
What do you love the most about making music?
Personally it’s the one thing that keeps me balanced, the one thing I’...

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How do you feel Melbourne Music Bank will best benefit your goals?
It’s a great platform to establish ourselves in the music scene, open up doors and build a career doing what we love most.
If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be? I think Donington in the UK.  It’s where we grew up and we used to always go there as kids so it would be a dream...

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Hey there. Who are we speaking to and what do you do in Echo Drama?
I'm Jeremy, I play the drums and steer the ship.
You're tracking for an album. How long until it's done?
We’re 12 months into recording our debut album, aiming to have it completed by the end of the year. We take the recording process slowly, opting for a meticulous studio sound layered over time...

Posted 28 Sep 2016 @ 1:09pm

How do you feel Melbourne Music Bank will best benefit your goals?
The main goal is to have fun and then try and pass that on to others. Playing live and sharing ourselves in any form benefits that goal.
What inspired you to apply for Melbourne Music Bank?
We’ve made music for us. We love doing that and love the finished product. Others started to really urge us to go...

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Hey there. Who are we speaking to and what do you do in Big Creature?
I’m Michael and I sing, play guitar, write songs and produce.
At your core, the identity and music surrounds DIY ethics and personal themes. Why write this way?
Being almost entirely DIY started from financial necessity but it’s allowed me to spend the time I needed to experiment with...

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So this will be the first time you will be here in Australia. What have you heard about the Melbourne nightlife and what can crowds expect when you hit the decks?
We have heard nothing but great things about the nightlife in Melbourne and Australia as a whole. It’s a territory we’ve always wanted to play in as our friends in the industry, like Cristoph Josh Butler and Hot Since...

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Hey there. Who are we speaking to and what do you do in Pickpocket?
Craig Strain, bassist and bandleader. And sole Scotsman.
Can you run us through a typical Pickpocket jam session?
I do the majority of the composition and bring songs to the jam. We play, and then the guys add parts, subtract parts, work out how both guitars are going to work together to not get in...

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How do you feel Melbourne Music Bank will best benefit your goals?
The prize for the winner is amazing, that would be a huge help in terms of being granted opportunities that would otherwise be a little further down the track for us. In the short term it’s good to be recognised for the music we’re making.
What sort of impact are you hoping your music will make on...