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Who are your core musical influences? That’s a tough one for us as each member of the band has very different musical tastes. But I’d say we all love bands like Tool, Deftones, Karnivool, Bjork, RATM, Jeff Buckley, APC, Meshuggah, Incubus. There really are too many bands to name which is probably why we ended up being a prog band.
Who are you stoked most to be sharing the bill...

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Who are you stoked most to be sharing the Progfest bill with? We’ve been big fans of We Lost The Sea for a while now and really enjoy their live shows. We played with them once a couple of years ago on a smaller stage but it’ll be great to see them at The Corner.
Have you ever played Progfest before? We’ve played a couple of times before at The Espy. It was great being...

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What makes the Australian prog scene so special? Most bands in the Australian prog scene are so supportive of eachother. You’ll find a lot of the audience who come to the shows are fellow prog bands and that really helps keep the genre strong.
What got you initially interested in prog? Tool was the first prog band I heard and I remember the first listen didn't hook me but...

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Who are we chatting to and what do you do in the band? I’m Jesse and I play drums in Neighbourhood Youth.
When did you start drumming? There are photos of me playing drums before I could walk properly, but I’d say Iwas about 13 when I inherited my first kit and really started having a go.
Why did you start playing? Dad said I could have his drum kit if I...

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Congrats on your win at The Age Music Victoria Awards. You won the award for Best Country Album – how does it feel? After two nominations in 2014 for our album Nobody Ever Leaves it feels great to get the gong for Thieves. It was such a personal album for me, as my dad passed away while writing it – this win feels like it’s his win as much as it’s ours.
You are originally...

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You’ve just dropped a new album. Could you tell us about it? With Americana you can hear my influences, going all the way back to my earliest musical memory. It's safe to say that there are some songs on the record that I probably wouldn't have tackled earlier on, but with 14​ records behind me I feel I have enough hindsight now.
You spent a large chunk of the first half...

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What’s your name then? Holly
And the name of your band? Jack River
What do you do? Drag songs from my head into reality.
Why did you start Jack River? Because songs that weren’t IRL yet were stuck in my head and I thought I better get them out.
Do you think you’re good at doing it? I’m good at dragging things out of my head, and I...

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What is the show about?  We're doing a very broad history of Australian rock’n’roll. Playing more than 30 hits, dancing and having a ball. From the ‘50s to the present, each era is brought to life with unforgettable songs, amazing dances and the unmistakable fashions of the time, making this show one that will have you singing, reminiscing and dancing in the aisles.

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What’s your role in Papa Chango, and how long have you been involved? I play tenor saxophone and have been in the band from the beginning, since about 2006.
Papa Chango blend and combine a variety of genres. Where do you take your inspiration from? Our main inspiration comes from the afro-funk/rock/jazz sound. Originators like Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke through to modern...

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Thanks for taking the time to talk to Beat. Can you tell us a bit about Situation Positive and some of the themes you've poured into the album?We recorded the album in our music studio in Brunswick over three years, working with Matt Coldrick on production. It continues the eclectic sound we set with our debut EP; with tracks that span reggae, pop, dance and more. The main theme is...

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Who are we chatting to? Moktar and Daniel from Polographia.
When did you start working together? Back in 2010 at our parents places in Menai. We both had a bit of a musical background but producing was very new to us.
What’s you proudest moment? It’s got to be playing a sold out show at the Sydney Opera House re-creating The Avalanches' Since I left You Album...

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Opal Ocean is a duo project. What do you both contribute to the band? We are both 200 percent dedicated to this project and are equally involved on most aspects. Nadav usually deals with the connections and social aspects, while Alex deals more with the artistic side.
You blend and combine a variety of genres. Where do you take your musical inspiration from? We both grew...

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What makes the Australian prog scene so special? It’s littered with incredible musicians doing exactly what they love - creating. It’s a sincere form of creation that is shared between band members. It's something special to all of us in the scene as it allows an outlet for just about any emotion.
What got you interested in prog initially? We were all interested in music...

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Who are we chatting to? My name’s Noodles, more commonly known as Bec Goring.
And what do you do?I tickle frets and whisper sweet nothings to sauced bar flies.
When did you start the tickling?When the Queensberry pub called in search of an act to serenade a swarm of Freo supporters on grand final eve.
Why did you start?Freo needed something to...

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Who are you most stoked to be sharing the bill with at Progfest? Circles, they've been good friends of ours for a long time and our paths hadn't crossed until now.
What initially got you interested in prog as a genre? The freedom to make the music I wanted to make, not having to colour inside the lines of other genres.
How do you experiment at practice/in the...

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You’re an exceptionally experienced musician. How did you first get started? I guess my parents are to blame, they’d always play music like Deep Purple and Hendrix really loud and I fell for it straight away. There were always electric guitars around the house and I found them fascinating.
How has living in a regional area influenced your songwriting? I have a lot of...

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What is your single Dead Forever about? It’s a reflection of many people's inability to be at peace with the prospect of no life after death. The verses are about old friends and lovers that lost their way through destructive means, and wondering whether things would’ve been different if they did find that peace.
Do you approach live performance differently to recording and...

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Who are we chatting to? I'm Theo and my band is Hollow World. I play guitar and do backing vocals.
When did Hollow World get together?  Late 2012; time really flies when you're harassing your bandmates with incredible puns.
Why did you start up?  I've always been into music, I grew up around my dad playing in bands. It's become such an incredibly intrinsic...

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How would you describe Smoking Martha? A bunch of really good-looking people told us we sound like shit, then we spoke to some average-looking people and they think we sound like a cross between The Pretty Reckless and The Divinyls.
What’s been keeping you busy? We’ve been recording our debut album and taking nice trips around the east coast. We’ll be continuing to do these nice...

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What’s your name, and what do you do in The Weeping Willows? I’m Andy Wrigglesworth and I sing, play acoustic guitar and ganjo [a six-string banjo].
You recently released your second LP, When Darkness Comes A-Callin. What did you do differently? Stylistically, the album is a lot darker.  This wasn’t a conscious choice but something that evolved during the writing process...

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What are you most looking forward to at the Coburg Night Markets? We’re really looking forward to bringing our music to a new community, particularly a new generation as we know lots of families come to the market.
What is it about your sound that resonates so powerfully with modern audiences? Our sound appeals to a wide variety of people, young and old.  Each individual...

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Can you tell us about your ethos for creating music?
When I write music, I always want it to be expressing something deep from within me, that is a feeling or emotion that can't be expressed by words. I write almost solely for cello, but I do also use a bit of piano and textural vocals. I also like to use samples I've recorded from places that mean a lot to me, like birds by a...

Posted 9 Nov 2016 @ 1:02pm

How would you describe the sound that emerges from the Mind Gamers collaboration? Liquid.
How do you create music together? Do you have a technique or ritual for? I think we try and get together in the most relaxed environment we can. We are certainly not out to break free from the shackles, it’s just a way of approaching music. For us, this project was the total freedom and...

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Who are we chatting to and what do you do? My name’s Casey, and my band is Run Rabbit Run. We play folk rock tunes. I mostly play acoustic guitar and sing, but sometimes I play other stuff while our lead guitarist Michael sings for a bit.
Why did you start the band? I used to write prog-hardcore/metal tunes when I was younger, and one day I ran out of ideas and started...

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Let’s start with introductions.
I'm Dermot and I'm the guitarist and founding member of Hollywood Real Thoughts. We're a Melbourne 3-piece messing around with a combo of electronic and shoegaze music. My general role, aside from guitar is largely songwriting and management.
Can you fill us in on what you're setting up for the dual single launch at the Workers?...

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Who are we chatting to and what do you do?  I’m Russell. I play keyboards and samplers. I also write, record and produce.
Why did you start the band and how long ago?  I’m not sure I’ll ever know the answer. We started around 2012.
What’s your biggest accomplishment so far? Playing for the Aboriginal elders at Mutitjulu N.T.
If you hadn’t started Shining Bird,...

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What’s your name and what do you do?
My name’s Jason and I’m from The Stiffys. I sing and play bass guitar and do sweet jumps.
How long have The Stiffy’s been around?
We started a few years ago as an experimental art piece and never stopped because people keep giving us drinks and girls talk to us now.
Why did you start the band?
We started...

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What's been happening with Hentai Magi lately? We got a new member in the band, my sister Patricia, on sampler and percussion, been working on getting some oldie but goldie songs into the live set, and recently working on new material after recording with my other band Cold Meat.
When you were in Melbourne back in March you had a successful set. What made it so good? We...

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Growing Up
Tom: My dad loves music and was the one who taught both my brother and I violin.
Nicole: Funnily enough my parents don’t have very much to do with music – though my mom loves the old classics.
T: No hard musical favourites – in fact it definitely spans across genres. Anything that provokes thought drives me.
N: Generally we pull...

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Hey there. Who are you and what do you do in Jazzflutespaceman?
James Macdonald: I’m the lead singer/songwriter and play flute, electric, acoustic and bass guitars.
Michael Ingvarson: I played a variety of keyboards on the CD. I also used modern virtual synths. I also co-produced (with James), mixed and mastered the CD.
You were performing together in an ABBA...