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The Count


Ten bands everyone should know about:
Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, Chase City, Birdhouse, Soft Corporate, Fan Girl, Reika, The Football Club, The Pretty Littles, Room 12 and The Cherry Dolls.
Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:
Party pies, sausage rolls, chicken sandwiches, dips, biscuits, chicken wings, fairy...

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Five tips for making a video


Prepare if you care. You’ve recorded a really great take and now you listen back in horror to find your sound was distorted and your hair was a mess. To avoid this stressful scenario, always do a test take to check if all your sound levels are correct, and you're looking extra fly on camera. 
Two is better than one. Never settle on one...

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A Brief Listicle of Some of The Instruments I Play


Guitar When a highschool boyfriend taught me a few chords on the guitar, I discovered songwriting and never looked back. Sadly, one of the first songs I wrote was a break-up song about said boy. Ironic? Side note: I am a finger-picking guitarist through and through, so you'll rarely catch me having a strum.

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How does it feel to have become such instrumental figures for the people and practices of Nunavut? As an Inuk it makes me feel extremely fortunate to be able to bring forward important messages for my fellow Inuuqatiit (my people), it makes me very proud to see Inuit be proud of who they are and to see other’s be empowered and to make healthy changes in their lives.
How have you...

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What’s the band name and what do you do? Name is cTrix – I'm the programmer, composer and synth wrangler.  I also juggle 1980s gaming hardware on stage.
What do you reckon people will say you sound like? 1980s arcade games with a modern twist and a lot more bass.
What do you love about making music? The limitations.  A guitar only has limited strings.  A...

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Atlanta, you must be a pretty big Amy Winehouse fan. When did you first decide to emulate the artist’s iconic work? I remember the night she died very clearly. I was on tour and heavily pregnant with my first child, and I’d got home from the hospital after a small scare. 3am, I was eating kebabs with my ex-partner, and there it was, she’d died. I was gutted. We were quite amazed at...

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Does everyone get along well on the road?We've all known each other a bunch of years and done some road trips together which means we know each other well enough to praise, poke and hang shit on each and still be the best o' pals.
 If you each had to play in one of your bands for the rest of your lives, which would it be? Datura4, obviously, it's a here and now rock’n’...

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Top Tips For Recording At Home


Tip 1:
You don't have to do anything a particular way.  Read all the guides, talk to lots of people, let them lead the conversation and mash together your own answers.  When we were building the studio itself I'd stand in the aisles of Bunnings, act as innocent and clueless as was bearable and let tradies tell me everything they knew about...

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Top Five Aussie Beers


Coopers Green - The ultimate summer smasher. Not too fruity like a lot of pale ales on the market. Coopers Green is nice and simple but definitely gets the job done. There's not much better than a tall frosty one on a scorcher of a day, but I still reckon they're drinkable warm. 5 Stars.
VB - Another summer classic. The humble tinnie is ideal...

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Ten bands everyone should know about:
Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Arches of Loaf, The Front Bottoms, Paul Dempsey, Kevin Devine, Pine Grove, Blink 182, Neutral Milk Hotel
Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:
Clag, nail polish remover, laxatives, gummy bears, rice milk, eukanuba (medium breed), watercress tendrils, hubba bubba flavoured...

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Who came up with the idea for the Death Acoustic Tour? Death acoustic was an idea I had a long time ago and I've been doing live acoustic shows for ten years on and off, in between band tours to fill in time. This particular tour with Christian from Beats Cartel grew from Mojo Burning festival in Brisbane and the idea to book a tour around it. 
Is the nudity planned, or...

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 What’s your name then? Paul
Oh. And the name of your band? Figures
And what do you do? I am one of the guitar players
When did you start doing that? About two and a half years ago when Josh (drummer) and I had our first jam after finding each other on the infamous website melband.
Why did you start doing that? That’s a long story but...

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What is your new EP Proper Gander all about? It's about taking a stand on the streets, in the clubs and at home. I think most people know the system is broken, that it delivers for the rich and kicks the poor and vulnerable, with Proper Gander I wanted to validate those feelings for people, and on tracks like Propaganda and History, give strength and strategy on how we can win. It's also about...

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This will be the second incarnation of Hip-Hop For Humanity, after its debut at the Evelyn in 2016. What initially inspired you to create this event? I took the year off uni and I had a bit of time on my hands. I started telling everybody that I was putting on the show, even though at the time it was just an idea. That way, I was forced to pull through, because people were expecting...

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How many times have you visited Australia? This will be my sixth visit.  I love Australia and the invitation to play Blues At The Briars festival en route to NZ gave me the chance to spend ten days getting to know Melbourne, play a few gigs and make new friends.
Talk a bit about the band you’re coming out with. I know you’ve got your son
on sax. Blues at the Briars...

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You’ve worked with countless international acts such as Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet, Aretha Franklin and more. Was there a person or project that you worked on that served as a career highlight? I always reflect on my first mix with Jocelyn Brown. That made me realise that I wanted music to be my life, and some 40 years later I’m grateful I made that decision....

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Could you talk about the story of your act? I write the songs and I have a rotating lineup. You could say it’s a bizarro Goldilocks and the Three Bears. For some songs this player’s too hot or that player’s too cool. But everyone brings something to the table. Not porridge.
How did Boxing Day’s Ails come together? I wrote most of it on Boxing Day a couple of years ago. I’m not a...

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Who are we chatting to? Byron. I play the guitar, and sometimes some ooh’s and ahh’s into a microphone in a band called PLTS (pronounced Pilots).
Why did you start doing that? I was influenced by what my friends were doing and it seemed pretty natural. Growing up in Byron Bay, there was a strong counter culture of punk and hardcore that exposed me to new music and led me...

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How would you describe ONO? The idea is for people to come and bliss out to really immersive sounds – a party that’s free of the obligation to party, where you can appreciate the subtlety of the music and good company.
Why did you create ONO? When you catch your mate’s eye with a knowing smile, realising what you’re seeing is incredible – that feeling is the best. To us,...

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Which homegrown Aussie talent should we be keeping our eyes out for? This year it’s exciting to have the James Southwell Band as part of our lineup. Lachy Doley Group is an exciting band that is making a big name for themselves too.
You are now in your 22nd year of the festival. What will be different about this year? We’ve remained small and intimate while introducing...

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Are you excited to get back on the road with the band? As I live overseas, getting back on the road with the band is always an event for me. We love doing this, it’s like breathing for us.
You’re back from Italy, what were you working on there? Living in Italy is great, I have lived for nearly 24 years in London and it was getting way too stupidly expensive. Our children...

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What do RTI offer? Career focused courses that cover all the aspects of the radio industry. Our students graduate our courses highly skilled, multi skilled and career ready.
What skills do you teach specific to the radio industry? We have a large focus on announcing, but we also cover podcasting, creative writing, news, voiceovers, music scheduling and promotions. We cover...

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What does Abbey Road Institute offer its students? The Abbey Road Institute offers an intensive, fast paced 12-month course that concentrates on three main areas: audio engineering and acoustics, music theory and production, management and music business. This approach ensures students leave with a rounded view of the music business and are better equipped to thrive in the ever-...

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Could you tell us a bit about Musk Hill, and how it came to be? Musk Hill is a nine-track album featuring the tunes we'd been working on and playing live since the release of our Be a Baudelaire EP in 2014. We released Musk Hill in November, but this Friday we are celebrating the arrival of the black wax by hitting the stage.
What are the best and worst bits of playing in...

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Could you tell us about your new single? Rather Be Lonely is the result of our current obsession with space in music. It originally had double the amount of layers, typical of what we have done in our previous material, but this time when we stripped it back we were blown away at how much bigger and bolder it sounded.
What are the best and worst parts of being out on the...

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What made you want to do the show in the first place? An invitation from a handsome man. 
You'll be playing solo – how does it compare to playing with your band? There's less people. It's intense for me, perhaps intimate for others. If I'm ovulating, which I will be, I usually talk a lot and tell stories.
What can we expect to hear at the show? I have no idea what to...

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What can one expect to feel when walking out of The Break Room? The Break Room is like nothing else. Walking out of the room you'll feel amazing, riding high on adrenaline and endorphins, and ready to tackle the world. A bit of reckless abandon and some thumping tunes will do that to you. 
What do we get to break? Usually we'll give you about 20 pieces of crockery. Think dinner...

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Could you tell us about your new release Pool and what it’s all about? Pool is my debut solo album. I wrote and recorded it in LA. I was heavily influenced by California and all its beautiful trappings.  I was listening to a lot of DJ Mustard, Drake, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Robyn at the time so you can definitely hear those influences in there.

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What is your new EP release Nowhere Towns all about?Nowhere Towns was a chance for me to get everything off my chest. I also reference trains a bit and I guess that’s a metaphor for life, the train keeps rolling as do we. 
How would you describe your single Settle Down Boy?It’s a real jovial song – it has a punchy beat with a great violin hook running throughout it.

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We feel that jungle/hardcore breakbeat/dnb is experiencing a resurgence in Australia after taking a bit of a hiatus, with techno DJs dropping jungle and breakbeat in their sets. Is this pattern the same in the UK? It’s a pattern that is happening all over the world. As things become more chaotic globally, it’s vital that a night out becomes far more than basic escapism. It can be...