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Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 3:30pm

As part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, FED in French will transform the picturesque banks of the Yarra River into a market celebrating French cuisine. 


You'll be immersed in the talents of French culinary experts now established in Australia and experience French culture, food and wine.
Traditional and French street food will be the heroes of this...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 10:51am

With Georgia Spanos


The story behind how the Espresso Martini was created makes total sense for the dark and dashing drink which only feels right sipped from a thin martini glass. One evening in London's Soho district, famous model Kate Moss asked a worker behind the bar – Dick Bradsel – to create a drink that would “wake me up and fuck me up”. His solution was a combination of...

Posted 16 Mar 2017 @ 1:49pm

Arbory Bar and Eatery have just turned two, and they're celebrating in the best possible way. 


They'll be dishing out a free schooner of ice cold Mountain Goat Summer Ale with the purchase of any one of their award-winning burgers. 
As far as burgers go, they've got the goods. Get down for one of their double cheeseburgers, Southern fried chicken burgers, fish and...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:09pm

By Georgia Spanos


A whole Korean fried chicken? Half a Korean fried chicken? Three Korean Fried Chickens? The choice is yours down at the National Hotel in Richmond, when every Tuesday night is Korean chicken night. And to make your Tuesday night even more exciting, the finger licking chicken comes with bao and your choice of sides like pickled eggplant, kim...

Posted 10 Mar 2017 @ 1:26pm

Espresso martinis are good. We all know that. But a festival dedicated to them? That's even better. Put that festival on the beach, however, and you've got yourself a certified winner. That's exactly what the crew at Melbourne Martini have done. 


South St Kilda Beach will be transformed into a hub of all things espresso martini - offering cold dripping goodness with unique...

Posted 8 Mar 2017 @ 1:50pm


Mexicano Fried Mussels. Fact: Everything tastes better with chipotle. Paco Y Ola have given the traditional treat a fancy twist, featuring black mussels coated in panko bread crumbs, fresh chipotle salsa and a tangy citrus mayo.
St Gerry’s Fudge Puppies. If you’re not immediately sold on the name alone, wait until you hear what this snack consists off. Waffles on a stick...

Posted 8 Mar 2017 @ 12:26pm

With Georgia Spanos


Towards the western end of North Melbourne lives one of my best kept secrets, Amiconi, a family run restaurant who has held its ground since the owners first migrated to Australia back in 1950. What I love so dearly about this spot is how true they stay to their origins, never giving into modern twists or fusion influence. Amiconi respects their traditions,...

Posted 6 Mar 2017 @ 10:42am

It's no surprise that poké bowls have become the next food trend to take over Melbourne, with a bunch of cool eateries opening doors or offering the light and tasty mix of salad, flavoured rice, and raw fish on their menu. Want to wrap your head around the Hawaiian dish and taste it for yourself? Check out Beat’s Guide to Melbourne’s Best Poke Bowls. 



Posted 1 Mar 2017 @ 1:20pm

With Georgia Spanos


North Melbourne welcomes a new member to the family and the story of how they got there is just as heart-warming as their effortless authenticity. One day, not so long ago, El Cielo (a traditional Mexican food manufacturer) was delivering fresh tortillas to their regular client El Sabor (a mexican restaurant in North Melbourne). El Cielo walked in simply to...

Posted 28 Feb 2017 @ 1:18pm

Your hangover just became that little bit more manageable. 


Purveyors of all things good in the world - namely, life-saving Mexican feasts entailing nachos, tacos and enchiladas - Guzman Y Gomez are expanding into the drive-through game.
"We’re so pleased to be announcing 38 new locations around Australia," said founder Steven Marks (side note: he looks nothing...

Posted 28 Feb 2017 @ 12:15pm

Brunswick's new eatery, Rogue District, is now open. 


Following the takeover from Jelly Stone Cafe, new owners Andreas and Annie Martinu (who also run Reverence Coffee Roasters), have changed the name to reflect how they feel about shaking up the venue – a little mischievous and breaking the rules.
Just opening in February, the historical bluestone cottage,...

Posted 27 Feb 2017 @ 10:05pm

Beer and coffee – you’re not Melburnian if you don’t.


The two elements characterising the typical Melburnite come together for an occasion boasting Aviary Coffee’s new residence at Thornbury’s 3 Ravens Brewery.
Six local breweries and six local coffee roasters will collaborate on beers featuring coffee as a key ingredient. Some of the local companies coming...

Posted 24 Feb 2017 @ 12:56pm

It's been ten years since The O.C. went to air.


Ten years since Seth sailed off into the horizon, teenage heartbreak weighing heavy on his shoulders.



Ten years since Wonderwall soundtracked Marissa and Ryan's breakup. Ten years since Forever Young soundtracked Ryan and Marissa's second...

Posted 24 Feb 2017 @ 12:19pm

The 2017 Port Phillip Mussel Festival - a two-day seafood street party - will be returning this coming March.


Melbourne's oldest permanent market, South Melbourne Market, will turn into a mini Bourbon Street, serving up more than five tonnes of molluscs. 
Becoming one of Melbourne's biggest free jazz festivals, the Mussel Festival is filled with live music and...

Posted 22 Feb 2017 @ 3:09pm

How has the festival changed over the years? Historically the event tended to be a celebration by Greeks, for Greeks, whereas the festival now aims to share Greek culture with all Melburnians in a mass multicultural celebration.
What can we expect this year? For two days the heart of Melbourne will go Greek with an abundance of music, dance and food.  At Midday on Saturday, the...

Posted 22 Feb 2017 @ 3:07pm


Tell us a bit about your music and food project Soundfood? Soundfood is where I simultaneously cook food and DJ for people, feeding what I make throughout my set to my audience. It's a multi-course degustation with a soundtrack of funk and tech, designed to appeal to all your senses.
How do sound and food complement each other? There’s something special about food and...

Posted 22 Feb 2017 @ 3:03pm


How did the program start?  When I was a La Trobe university student I visited asylum seekers in detention and spent some time on Christmas Island. One of the most compelling characteristics of people seeking asylum (and refugees) is their incredible resilience despite experiencing some of the most unimaginable adversity and hardship.  In late 2015 my husband Daniel and I put our...

Posted 22 Feb 2017 @ 2:54pm

With Georgia Spanos


The Naked European
Towards the far end of Chapel Street Windsor, lives a European-style restaurant with an energetic, electric feel. Just judging by the name, you can be sure to expect some flare. Serving an array of European flavours – cheese stuffed zucchini flowers and meatballs in sugo from Italy, jalapeño poppers and chorizo from Spain – your...

Posted 22 Feb 2017 @ 2:14pm

One of Melbourne’s top rating attractions, The Carlton Brewhouse serves up a multi-faceted brewery experience for both locals and tourists around town. Overlooking Australia’s largest brewery and the home to some of Australia’s favourite beers including Carlton Draught, Victoria Bitter and Carlton Dry, The Carlton Brewhouse is the ultimate hub for those taking a visit to the legendary Carlton...

Posted 20 Feb 2017 @ 5:36pm

Split between Hiroshima and London, Fumio Tanga is an okonomiyaki master. Now, he's bringing one of Japan's most delicious cuisines to Melbourne. 


A combination of egg, savoury sauce, fresh toppings, katsuobushi and a whole lot of goodness, there's barely a person in the world who has come back from Japan and not fallen in love with these delicious dishes. 

Posted 20 Feb 2017 @ 3:01pm

Try one with toasted coconut, coriander and kumquat - or even turmeric salt, Frangelico and honey.


Cookie’s margarita senorita Airiel is the wunderkind behind the creations – fusing housemade syrups, salts and ingredients with the best Mexican tequilas.
Six unique takes of the famous cocktail will be prepared – including their renowned taco chilli salt rim, fresh...

Posted 17 Feb 2017 @ 4:00pm

The Big Vegan Market, hosted by Melbourne Vegan Eats, is set to bring some of the finest vegan products our way. 


More than just falafels, the market features over 60 stalls of ethical and vegan-approved food, drink, fashion, craft and skincare.
Due to overwhelming demand, The Big Vegan Market has outgrown their original venue and will now be held at the Royal...

Posted 16 Feb 2017 @ 12:15pm

A dose of New Orleans is coming to Melbourne. 


Known as the highlight of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday is now heading our way. There'll be tunes and food, in the form of a Southern Comfort cocktail bar alongside fortune tellers, live music, gumbo, BBQ, tacos and more from some of Melbourne's finest including Po...

Posted 16 Feb 2017 @ 11:47am

Feeling thirsty? Good Beer Week will take care of that, kicking off with their Gala Showcase that's back bigger and better than ever. 


Over two huge sessions, 36 breweries from Victoria and beyond will showcase their beers. As the official launch of the Good Beer Week 2017 program, it will also serve as a sneak peek to the ten-day beer festival in May, with food vendors from...

Posted 15 Feb 2017 @ 10:56pm

Accio bevvos, because a Harry Potter-themed pop-up bar is coming to our fair city. 


Dubbed the Firewhisky Inn, the bar will be open for one night only and dishing out only the most magical of brews.
Capping it off, there'll be a photobooth and you'll get to take your own Firewhisky glass home at the end of the night. 
Need another reason to get down...

Posted 15 Feb 2017 @ 1:49pm


Tequila school sounds fun! Can you tell us more? It’s an educational session to explain to people that there’s more to tequila than a bottle with a red hat that gives you a hangover.Then there’s Mezcal and its 60+ different types of agave that, like wine, all have different flavour profiles.
Could you also tell us about your wonderful Mexican restaurant too? Los Hermanos...

Posted 13 Feb 2017 @ 3:29pm

Don't worry, you're not getting shipped across the Tasman. 


It’s beer drunk where you never knew you wanted to drink it with an imaginative twist – a visual concoction of projections and avant-garde graffiti surround a watering hole offering what’s best in craft beer, cocktails, boutique wines and great food.
It’s titled Whitehart because that’s where it is – at...

Posted 6 Feb 2017 @ 1:28pm

Just before the sun goes to hide, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery have something special for those dreading the daunting Winter months.


With 144 flavours over 12 days, a festival can’t get much more comprehensive and if you were asking – there’ll be free tastings. Leading European chocolatiers will be on
Leading European chocolatiers will be on show...

Posted 1 Feb 2017 @ 1:37pm

The world's most delicious dish is now the world's favourite word. 


'Halal Snack Pack' has been voted the People's Choice Word of the Year 2016 by Macquarie Dictionary, defining the meaty treat as  "a fast food comprising layers of hot chips, grated cheese, halal doner kebab meat, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce and chilli sauce".  
"The significance of halal snack...

Posted 30 Jan 2017 @ 2:00pm

Property development company PACE of Collingwood is teaming up with charity Co-Ground for the fantastic cause.


The idea for the pop-up café came about after understanding the demand for coffee in the Collingwood area. PACE Marketing Manager, Andrew Crichton, couldn’t be more excited for the launch.
“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Co-Ground," said...