Posted 29 Jun 2016 @ 10:58pm

Recent years have seen loudspeakers become smaller and more ‘lifestyle’ by design. We’ve embraced living in a technology driven ‘connected’ world and we can be thankful to Apple for the creation of the iPod and creating a world of music lovers once more.
Younger readers have grown up with buds, designed and built to a target price rather than a focus on the actual quality of the...

Posted 25 Jun 2016 @ 5:53pm

Beyerdynamic encourages you to come along to the International HiFi Show, Melbourne, From Friday July 1 – Sunday July 3 and bring your own music collection. Over the course of the show Beyerdynamic will be exhibiting and displaying a wide range of their consumer headphones, along with both of their acclaimed headphone amplifiers.


Their stand will include a range of headphones,...

Posted 15 Jun 2016 @ 9:53pm


Taking place in Albert Park, Victoria over the first weekend of July, The International HiFi show is set to host more than 90 hi-fi and audio-visual brands, giving gear junkies exclusive access to the latest hi-fi technology. On top of exhibiting the latest and greatest in hi-fi and audio-visual technology, the event will also host the Australian Record Fair.
Set to...

Posted 8 Jun 2016 @ 11:02pm

The International HiFi Show occurs in Albert Park over the first weekend of July. There are more than 90 brands advertised as exhibiting, covering Australian and international hi-fi and audio-visual manufacturers and retailers. There’ll be a lot to take in between 2pm Friday and 3pm Sunday, so Beat spoke to event organiser Marc Rushton to get a clear idea of what to expect.



Posted 1 Jun 2016 @ 9:27pm


What was your initial impression of your course at Abbey Road, and what drew you to the institution? 
During the open day I met staff and music industry professionals that had a lot of knowledge and passion for music. That first meeting was special as it was a new creative and learning environment I have not seen anywhere before, and it was a huge opportunity to develop my...

Posted 1 Jun 2016 @ 9:24pm

Providing Victorian musicians an opportunity unlike any other, the Melbourne Prize For Music recognises outstanding artistry and tantalising skill across all genres. This year, each of the six recipients will receive a generous reward from a prize pool worth more than $130,000. Though, Melbourne Prize Trust executive director Simon Warrender reminds us that it’s all about encouraging Victoria’...

Posted 27 May 2016 @ 6:16pm

Headphone design and manufacturing company Audiofly launched in Perth in 2011. From the outset, Audiofly aimed to distinguish itself by virtue of the excellent sonic detail, clarity and warmth of its products. Audiofly CEO Dave Thompson has been engaged with music since a young age, and his founding principle was simple: to create products that would help musicians do better things.


Posted 18 May 2016 @ 8:46pm

Built on the ethos that anyone can and should learn to play an instrument, the RalBar™ was created by guitar enthusiast (and former dentist) Brian Dyskin. The RalBar isn’t your conventional looking instrument. With a teardrop body and only three strings, the guitar is designed to make playing guitar a simpler task. Don’t be mistaken, Dyskin Guitars aren’t claiming this as the alternative to a...

Posted 13 May 2016 @ 10:00pm


From its humble beginnings as an entertainment, arts and lifestyle radio segment produced by SBN Inc and launched by Gotye in 2012, Music Matters has now grown into its own international compilation album. With an aim to showcase local emerging artists and provide them with both media exposure and live performance experience, Music Matters has clocked up a huge number of accolades...

Posted 6 May 2016 @ 12:34pm

Perry Ormsby makes world-class custom guitars that comfortably stand toe-to-toe with the greats. Demand for his instruments is so high and his fanbase so rabid that Ormsby recently added the GTR line – guitars designed by Ormsby with input from a dedicated Facebook group of passionate guitarists, then manufactured at the World Musical Instruments factory in South Korea (the facility...

Posted 27 Apr 2016 @ 9:38pm

Beat talks to Jessica Hogg who’s bringing PhotoMarathon, a nine hour open access photography competition, to Melbourne. When Hogg moved here from the UK, it was obvious to her that the event was perfect for Melbourne – so she decided to make it happen.


“I was involved in the event twice back in UK," says Hogg. “PhotoMarathon seemed like something that Melbourne ought to have....

Posted 23 Apr 2016 @ 10:57pm

Audio-Technica has long been a distinguished player in the vinyl market; a company with a rich history in audio production and sound equipment manufacturing. Having been established in 1962, in 2012 the company celebrated its 50-year anniversary with the release of the AT-LP120-USB turntable – a record player that harnesses decades of quality audio design in a modernised package. It still...

Posted 7 Apr 2016 @ 10:48pm


How did you come to be involved with music and how long have you been working in the industry?
I have been running a guitar teaching studio professionally for half a decade.
What is it about this occupation that you enjoy so much – what motivates you to do what you do?
I love helping intermediate and advanced lead guitar players overcome the challenges and...

Posted 2 Apr 2016 @ 9:46am

In our modern technologically driven world, it seems there are new products and services being introduced every day. However, the innovations that stand to simplify our lives continue to come out on top. Founded by Blair Smith, Go Fetch is set to provide the most efficient, inexpensive peer-to-peer delivery system Melbourne has ever seen. 


“The concept is a part of what’s...

Posted 25 Mar 2016 @ 3:28pm

Mycelium Studios is a multidisciplinary studio situated on Johnston Street, Abbotsford, with faculties for design, film, photography, events and music. It’s a space filled with creatives working in a number of different mediums, both independently and in conjunction with one another. Within the studio lies Mycelium Recordings, a fully equipped sound studio run by Tom Rodd and Jeremy Taylor. It...

Posted 19 Mar 2016 @ 11:23am

Patrick Donovan has led the kind of career that most music journalists would sell family members to emulate, and while it's not the reason we're talking, the fact he has interviewed the likes of David Bowie, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave is never far from my mind. From 15 years as the chief music critic at The Age, to his role as chair of the Australian Music Industry Network and CEO of...

Posted 12 Mar 2016 @ 10:28pm

Next Thursday March 17 is St Patrick’s Day. It should come as no surprise, then, that Carlton’s finest Irish pub, the Dan O’Connell Hotel, will be serving up authentic craic all day long. The cherished establishment on 225 Canning St will open its doors at 7am, inviting punters in for a good old fashioned Irish breakfast, featuring homemade soda bread – an Irish specialty in which sodium...

Posted 4 Mar 2016 @ 11:18am

It’s not at all surprising that Melbourne is home to the world’s biggest global consumer website for independent artists. Founded back in ’07, Redbubble is an online marketplace that reaches a mammoth two million buyers across 180 countries. Powered by hundreds of thousands of artists that are spread all over the world map, buyers are able to get unique designs printed onto almost anything –...

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COURSE NAME: Advanced Diploma of Sound Production
OPEN DAY: Saturday February 20
INTAKE DATES: March 21, 2016
CAMPUS ADDRESS: 1/135 Sturt St, Southbank
PHONE: 1800 274 338
EMAIL: melbourne@abbeyroadinstitute.com
WEBSITE: abbeyroadinstitute.com.au
The Abbey Road...

Posted 24 Nov 2015 @ 3:43pm

The Northern College of the Arts and Technology has a longstanding reputation for employing innovative and ‘hands on’ teaching methods that are designed specifically to respond to the needs of the industry. One of their latest endeavours might be their most innovative yet. NCAT has set up a live performance course that actually sends students on tour with acclaimed Australian songwriter...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 @ 7:43pm


Intake dates: Contact for further information.
Address: 62 Murray Rd, Preston .
Phone: (03) 9478 1333
Email: ncat@edumail.vic.gov.au
Website: ncat.vic.edu.au
The Northern College of the Arts and Technology (NCAT) is a multi-faceted institution catering for year 10, VCE, VCAL and post...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 @ 7:41pm


Intake dates: February 2016.
Address: 171 Bank St, South Melbourne.
Phone: (03) 9624 2929
Email: melbourne@jmc.edu.au
Website: jmcacademy.edu.au
JMC Academy is excited to announce its brand new integration initiative, “Make it with JMC”. This initiative aims to encourage...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 @ 5:46pm

Intake dates: Contact for information.
Address: 451 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong.
Phone: (03) 9822 3111
Email: admin@guildmusic.edu.au
Website: guildmusic.edu.au 
The Australian Guild of Music is a non-profit organisation providing Distance Education solely in the field of Music Education...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 @ 5:43pm


Intake dates: From 2016.
Address: Australia-wide.
Phone: 1300 725 709
Email: online@ameb.edu.au
Website: musical-theatre.ameb.edu.au
The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), Australia’s leading provider of examinations for music, speech and drama, will launch an...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 @ 5:41pm


Intake dates: Trimester 1: January 18, trimester 2: May 9, trimester 3: August 29.
Address: 120 King Street, CBD.
Phone: (03) 8610 4222
Email: enquiries@aim.edu.au
Website: aim.edu.au
The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is a leading institution in the music education sector. With a...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 @ 5:39pm

Intake dates: March 21, 2016. 
Address: 1/135 Sturt St, Southbank. 
Phone: 1800 274 338 
Email: melbourne@abbeyroadinstitute.com 
Website: abbeyroadinstitute.com.au
The world famous Abbey Road Studios have commenced their ground breaking education initiative with Australia’s...

Posted 22 Sep 2015 @ 5:57pm

Location: 9/21 Capella Crescent, Moorabbin, 3189.

Hours of operation: Flexible, but standard hours 9am till 7.30pm.


Digital and/or analogue capabilities of  Black Pearl Studios? This is a perennial question. Both technologies have their place in the modern recording world. From personal experience we find that analogue equipment has more organic, 3D, euphonic...

Posted 11 Sep 2015 @ 4:43pm

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday: 12pm - 12am.
Saturday and Sunday: 1pm - 6pm
Events & Gigs: 6pm -1am (check website for details)
Café: 8am – 3pm.
Rooms and facilities:  
We have 10 Standard rehearsal studios, 1 Deluxe rehearsal studio and 1 Mini Deluxe Studio. These rooms are complete with PA, stands and microphones...

Posted 18 Aug 2015 @ 5:11pm

Deluxe SRS is an exciting new branch under the Deluxe umbrella. Deluxe SRS (previously Sound Rehearsal Studios) has been a base for musos of the south east for nearly 25 years. With our rehearsal studio experience, having run the "old troy rooms" on our premises in South Melbourne for over 15 years, Deluxe provide some of the highest quality soundproofed rooms in Melbourne,...

Posted 23 Jun 2015 @ 2:52pm

Established: 2001
Location: 1131 Burke Rd, Kew, 3101
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9.30am to 6pm.     
Friday: 9.30am to 7pm. 
Saturday: 9.30am to 5pm.
Main brands and products you specialise in:
Electric and acoustic guitars, tube amps, FX pedals, bass gear, PA systems, home and live mixing and recording equipment, drums,...